Oct 10, 2010

A Light And Easy Sunday - Reminiscing

Many Happy Returns Of The Day

Day in day out,
Years come and go,
Aging to the rhythm of music,
Pacing to the tempo of time,
You proudly stand as,
The one and only International Belt.

The distinctive voices, soothing the airwaves,
Are your devoted cool presenters,
Melodious songs and precious thoughts to be shared,
Definitely the best antidote,
Enlightening the troubled souls,
Straightening the confused minds.

Your two golden numbers,
Blinking endlessly from twelve to three,
Monday to Sunday, without fail,
As energetic as can be.

Edwin, Zaki, Abang and Johnny,
Are the listeners genuine company,
Back up by a gorgeous lady,
Lin, the ever jovial, chirpy,
And amiable, what more could I say.

Young you may be,
A mere three-year-old,
Physically strong and
progressively matures,
As time passes by.

Oh my International Belt!
I'm here with all my love, my support,
Each day winning so many hearts,
You deserve love, attention and regards.

On this special day,
"A Happy Birthday" is not my only wish,
Abundance of wishes, blue skies, everything nice,
And successes be yours all along the way.

You're special in your own way,
So, in this year 1999 1st January,
I pray for your brighter days,
And unending many happy returns of the day.

Happy Birthday, International Belt!

Written with love by : Balqis

* You might wonder what is International Belt. It's a radio show of  the local Radio Television Malaysia Sarawak in which I participated actively in the talks and the like, besides songs request dedicated to friends and family. How did I participate? I was then the regular caller of the station. Back then, I used a pen name and if it ever happens any of the DJs reads this, you know that it was me! (I altered the pen name above and changed it to Balqis.)

The International Belt was wholly ran in English. On it's 3rd birthday, Edwin Lee, the presenter was expecting my call after receiving the poem (which was beautifully designed) which I posted over to the station. When finally I called up, he said "I'm going to put you on air." So, the two of us read the lines of the poem alternately and must I say now it brings back the memory of the good old days filled with so much fun. The show doesn't exist anymore but it remains close to my heart.


  1. That is one beautiful birthday poem.. Filled with not just well-wishes but the deep connection from your heart..

    I wished I could tune in and listen.. I am trying to imagine how excited and overwhelming you must be feeling.. Did you choke on some words, filled with emotion as you recite it with the DJ?

    And yeah, at first, I thought it is about your blog in the first few paragraphs until the twelve to three and the many names of people made me think otherwise.

    Oh yes, by the way, the twelve to three, is it in the night or noon? I supposed that is the airing time?

    Heart-felt poem, dear.. Well written.. You have that special talent is expressing your thoughts and emotions in poetry.. Keep it going..

  2. @Jotsna, thanks a lot. It's still fresh on my mind.

    @Krislin, by now surely you understand me better. You bet, when the DJ said that we're going on air, the adrenaline rush was indescribable! I might have choked somewhere but I wasn't aware of it cos I felt really honoured. I used to go on air participating in the talk show but that was the first time ever I read my own poem with the DJ over the airwaves.

    The show was from midnight till 3 a.m.

    Thanks a lot to both of you.

  3. Nice Poem Balqis..for sure art is your cup of tea right?

  4. Steward, it's not really my cup of tea.
    I love poetry and usually think deep to get the hidden meanings. It all depends on how we interprete it. But the poem I wrote above is a straight forward type.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  5. Awesome poem! Well written. I hope someone from International Belt would see and read this. :♥)

  6. wow, never knew you are a poet! good thing you explained who or what "international belt" is, as i have never been to malaysia (yet!).

    really great job on this one. :)

  7. It is so sweet the memory
    that enlightens a lone heart,
    sends the thoughts to eternity
    quivering and alive as a dart.

    So beautiful your poem, full of love and reminiscences!! The way I think most wonderful things are alive, on this, our planet!


  8. I just love the way you comment. In the first place, I didn't want this simple poem to be here cos I'm a shy type. But I wanted my last Sunday to be an easy one, so on second thought I had it published here.

    Hey, thanks a lot!

  9. This is great! You shouldn't shy- write and publish them here.

    This way you give us some pleasure too. ;)

  10. Moon..aww..now I'm speechless.

  11. That is awesome how you were an active participant in their show. I would have felt honored to have anyone write a poem in dedication for my birthday. Beautiful.

  12. YGND, it's to show my support and love.

  13. Hi Balqis:

    My name is Fran Aslam. I am new at Bloggers.com
    and you are my first friend. So you have two children. How old are your children? Boys or girls? Or one each.

    Did it start getting cold in Malaysia?
    I am in Chicago IL.
    My email address is
    Send me an email. Thanks
    Take care of yourself
    Fran Aslam

  14. Hi Fran, thanks for dropping by.

    Malaysia is a tropical country. Throughout the year there's plenty of rain and shine. We don't have the 4 seasons like in your country.

  15. Balqis, you really are a talented writer. I agree with Moonomo!

  16. Thanks, Jill, you inspire me more!