Oct 7, 2010

Simply Awesome

It's this time around when one can see the "flying" animals in the sky of Bintulu. They are so captivating and can make one's heart yearn for their presence. There are so many of them; big and small, in many shapes, sizes and colours and never fail to draw large crowds to admire them.  Who can resist capturing them in pics?

It's the Borneo International Kite Festival, a yearly event which took place at the Bintulu old airport site. This year's festival was held from 30th September until 3rd October. Participants, locally and from other countries were here to display their unique kites which came in many forms. The battle of the kites was on. A spectacular sight  admiring every kite flying high.

The festival had ended but the sweet memory lingers on.

The billboard that says it all.

The gloomy weather couldn't stop them from flying.

The flying fish.

The Batmen!

Spiky balls.

Standing tall.

Oh no! That couldn't be my Nemo (kitten). So gigantic!

A testament.


  1. Wow, that was quite a sight for me.. I wish we have some kind of similar festival here too.. I love kites.. Love seeing them soaring high, as though they are taking part of me with them too..
    Your Nemo is cute.. :)
    I like the second pic best because of a kite with a long 'tail'.. :) Yeah, just like it.. :) wish I was there too..

  2. It's the 6th festival. Beautiful kites were everywhere.

    Hehehe...my Nemo. A blogger friend, Moonomo, suggested that name. I heard about that name before. It's kinda cute.

  3. What a fun idea! All those kites in the sky must have been quite a thing to see. I'm smiling just looking at the pictures. :-D


  4. Lovely Kite! Oh- I wanna fly, too! ;)

    Did you name your kitten? wow

  5. Beautiful! Great kites! I bet you had wonderful time taking those photos. I guess I will have stiff neck myself. (lol)

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful event!:)

  6. Mimi, Moon and Princess, I was admiring without blinking!

    Moon..yup, I had named them. Yunno, one of the local stars named his kitten Nemo, it's ok that another Nemo lives in a lilstar's house. :)

    Thanks everyone for being here.

  7. Nice name.. You know, I always have trouble coming with names.. Hahahha..
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