Oct 27, 2010

Into The Emptiness

Melancholy cry,
Breaks the stillness of the night,
Heart falling apart.

Cold night gripping tight,
the poor, depressed fragile soul,
Depriving warm love.

*A try on Haiku.

past midnight


  1. I like the second part! "Depriving warm love" - Great!

  2. @Moon, thanks for being the first one to read and comment.

    When I connect the words, it's about sadness. So, concluding in a better way of getting warm love.

  3. That was not a try on Haiku, that IS Haiku. So sad but beautiful. Great job. You and Moon are such fast learners. I am proud of you :)

  4. @YGND, thanks a lot, dear. You inspire me to write!

  5. Sadness in the soul as a certainty. Something that grows from melancholy!

    I would like to be able to express those feelings so beautifully!

  6. Hmmm... no like sadness. I prefer the other post before this one. After all, I am Jolly Princess. Nice poem though. :)

  7. @Tony, life teaches us a lot. It's filled with sadness and happiness and in between there are some other unexplained emotions.

    @Christine, the appreciation of the figurative words will make us feel it.

    @Princess, sorry..I'd like to make everyone happy all the times but dear, it's far beyond my reach. Thanks for the visit! :)

  8. Hey sis.. Sorry, I am late.. Yeah, I had a bad fall and am having a sprained ankle now since Monday so hadn't been around much as I cant sit for long..
    Anyway, wow, this is a nostalgic poem for me - with a slight shade of grey (the sad part of it).. Good take on Haiku... I haven't try it though.. Maybe one day, I will.. ;) *Hug*

  9. @Krislin, Better late then never! Hope you'll recover soon. Miss you!

    Give it a shot! I know you could do it!

    Will check out your blogs later. Got something to tell u.

  10. I'm with Jolly Princess. No like sadness too. But the haiku is oh so good! Well done, Balqis!

  11. @Yileen, yeah, no one likes it but it's part of life!

    Thanks for dropping by. You make my day! :)

  12. Never try write Haiku before.
    Great job sis. Maybe you can teach me how to do this.

  13. Oh ! full of sadness :-( but nicely composed/ expressed :-)

  14. :) Saw that, sis.. How can I ever thank you... Thanks for the support always.. :) *HUGGGGGG*

  15. @Zezebel, no problem, we can learn together.:)

    @jyotsna, thanks! :)

    @my sis Krislin, the sisterly love between both of us is the most valuable thing. You deserve it and my support is always for you.:)

  16. I can relate to the last three lines.....
    Depriving love...fragile heart and clod nyt... a perfect blend...

    Great post...
    happy blogging

  17. @Anuragsayz, thanks a lot!

    Happy blogging to u too! :)

  18. Balqis, thanks, happy blogging to u too..

  19. @fiona, thanks for your visit. :)