Oct 5, 2010

What Takes My Breath Away

The tender touch of the breeze,
Adrifts my mind yonder,
The graceful sway of the leaves,
Holds my breath afar.

Golden beams of light,
Amidst the green lush of trees,
Dazzling in little ways,
Shines up my path ahead.

Baby waves roll gently,
Along the beach so white,
Coming and going; inseparable,
For now and forever.


                                                            B @ l q i s

*All photos were taken at Tanjung Batu Beach Bintulu by your amateur photographer, Balqis. :)


  1. Those are so beautiful- could be labeled as "professional shots". ;)

  2. The pictures go well with your words.. Yes, those words expressed, bringing out the unspoken in your pictures.. I love this.. :)

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful photo's. I can feel the sun on my face and the sand between my toes. :)


  4. Moon, Krislin and Mimi, thanks a lot for your compliments. I'm beaming with delight.

    Moon, I wish that the shots are really from a professional. I'm trying my best to get some shots the way I want it to be. :)

    Krislin, you know that I'm a nature lover. So, the words just flow whenever I look at anything that captures my heart.

    Mimi, the beach is a 'must visit' to me. I'm staying in a town by the beach. I used to go there since I was a little girl.

    Thank you, guys, you make my day!

  5. Yeah, I know that.. Its like the words just come to you, revealing themselves to you, waiting for you to pen them down and express it on their behalf.. :) I can relate to that feeling.. :)
    Oh yes, I have done an article on the award you gave, as well as visit Mama Mia's blog, followed her as well and left her a comment too..
    Anyway, here is the link to my post on the award you gave.. Thank you soooo much once again.. :)

  6. Hi there, my dear, I am back again... Just dropping to say hi and also to tell you thank you..
    Thank you for being one of the few who inspired me to set up this Being Beautiful http://www.intinglligent.com/p/being-beautiful.html and I just done my first post of it.. http://www.intinglligent.com/2010/10/motivation-badge-m.html

    Do give me suggestion or ideas if any to improve.. :) Hug

  7. Kris, I have read it. So motivational! Keep it going! :)

    And the award (I'm blushing :p).... as I said you touch me in many ways. Thanks for being supportive and giving me the inspiration. I need it most. :)

  8. The beautiful places in the photos are enhanced by the special way you use words to make a company to the mystic of these places.

    This display the beauty of your soul Balqis and the easiness you blend in the magic of wonder.

    Thank you!

  9. beautiful pictures with more beautiful words..amazing ! :)

  10. @Tony, thanks..love nature so much and wish that its beauty remains forever.

    @jyotsna, thanks..was just trying putting my appreciation in words.