Mar 12, 2011

Haiku - My Heart Speaks

The peace I look for,
Serenades me in calm flow,
Unperturbed journey.

Rustling among leaves,
Songs so heavenly laden,
Life for my dry soul.

Lullaby me so,
With tender sounds of beauty,
Mesmerise my dreams.

Gentle caresses,
Awakes the barren feeling,
A life is brought back.

Written with love,
Saturday evening

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  1. Very beautiful and serene Balqis :)
    Totally heart melting. I can actually sense those leaves rustling.
    Amazing picture too!

  2. Harish, thanks a lot. I'm happy getting the first comment and it's from you! Thanks, bro! :)

  3. You write very well. Really. =o)

  4. Love the Haikus! Keep them coming :)

  5. Thank you so much for your very nice compliments. :)

    I'm sorry cos I don't know Chinese language, thus I can't read your name. Nevertheless, it's my pleasure to welcome you here. Keep coming! :)

  6. Dear Steve, thanks a ton for loving the Haikus. Keep coming! :)

  7. Gentle flows caress,
    Revive aching heart fullest,
    Smile back at life, dear!

  8. Hmmm...another heart-felt writing... Great sharing...

  9. @Suresh - Thanks a lot for such a wonderful reply in Haiku. Appreciate it so much. I'm smiling back at life now. :)

  10. @Krislin - Appreciate your comments so much. Thank you! :)

    I visited your blog several times. Will ask something in bloggers pvt msg. See you there!

  11. Balqis,
    Quite often you have stunned me with your creativity and your skill on words; those one right here has moreover been an amazement to me. I wonder, how you come up with such a serene idea.
    The flow of words, the skillful definition of moments and the right kinds of feelings to bring all that imagination to a lively mode. It's just you and you are really gifted.
    Keep on exploring more.

  12. Thanks a lot, Dex. The idea came to my mind and I penned it down. Sometimes, it's sudden thought. I look at what's around me and think of its beauty. Put the words together and came up with this haiku. I appreciate nature so much and I link it with my feelings.

    Thank you for giving me the encouragement. :)

  13. Ya right, the greatest form of encouragement comes to us from the nature and nature is what guides us when ever creativity is concerned.

    Ya are lucky to have been guided by the nature.
    Frankly speakin' you are one good writer i have come to terms in a long time. I hope to have this relationship ongoin' fo' a long time.


  14. I'm flattered by such kind words of yours. I'm still in the process of learning how to improve my writings. Need a lot to learn.

    Thank you so much for everything. Let's stay connected through blogging! :)

  15. Your heart is a songbird!

    Beautiful words into lyrical feelings!!

    Great work, BB!

  16. Dearest Od, I'm touched by your ever inspiring comments which bring forth so much aspirations to me. My thanks right from the bottom of my heart! :)

  17. Your haikus always make me take a little pause on life and reflect. So love em'! :)

  18. Thanks a lot, Yileen. What you said means a lot to me. :)

  19. Beautiful, I really like this one. I can almost hear the leaves rustling... :)

  20. Thanks a lot, Cookee. It's nice to know that. :)