Oct 20, 2009

Right From My Heart......

I just can't help ......
feeling the darkness that befalls the night
I wish dearly there are twinkling stars above
that could be my guide in the paths ahead
Everything seems to be bleak
No matter how hard I try to think that it isn't

This is indeed a real challenge of life
For what I want it to be.....isn't as it is
Tears are pricking my eyelids
My heart fills with a burden .......
beyond description

My empathy.....right from my heart
For you, my beloved brother
I hide my sorrow....and replace it with
words of encouragement
for you to be strong enough to face
whatever comes your way

My prayers.....and everyone else's
in our big family
Are specially meant for you
We love you so dearly
that we feel every single fear,
every single anxiety....
and fear of the unknown
that you feel...

But, my dear brother
Never let your strength weakens
Don't ever let negative thoughts
be in control of you
Keep your spirit high
Let it soars as high as the sky

Think of the sun, the blue sky
Think of our family strong bond
Think of your beloved Akmal
And your 'queen' Ju
Think of the great time we share
Just think of everything nice

My dear brother,
You have a strong family support
Let us be together in tears and laughter
Lets just focus on
A recovery sooner or later
And lets not forget
It could be a trial of life
And keep on believing
that you'll be able to overcome
everything.....yes! everything

*Every single line I wrote above comes right from my heart for my dear brother who has been ill for almost a year.


  1. For my beloved brother. Nya sakit. Thanks for dropping by. I've been very bz lately so jarang2 online.

  2. I was moved by the big and strong love this stanzas give forth and the soft perfume of the kind and loving fondness that pervades from each line and voice.

    Great work Balqis, from the deepest layers of the heart!

  3. Tony, thanks a lot. Reading this poem again makes me feel the intense sadness..he had gone forever. The poem was written at the time he was very ill.