Apr 8, 2010

What A Relief!!!

It had been like looking for lost treasure when I had to scratch my head trying to recover my password for this blog. Was it due to negligence? I think so....hehehehe..I couldn't even keep it safely in my memory.....short term memory, that's it! Actually, I did jot it somewhere but where the heck is my notebook??? Seems to have disappeared into thin air....and for that I had been criticised by my hubby saying that I wasn't systematic enough in making sure everything's in place....You're right, sir!

It's another time around when I didn't update this blog for countless reasons....hehehe....Work! work! work!...I really feel that I need an extra two hands more to handle everything.....why are we trapped in such a situation that always make us end up with stress and whatnots....hmmm...looks like I've got to make an appointment with Evelyn, the masseuse.......she knows when my stress level is at a rise!

Many things happened the past few months. My mind is always here even though going through the hush and rush of life....it's just for another reason that I couldn't update little jottings here.....losing my password. The last half an hour...I was scrutinising the screen of this lappy as though my password would pop out right in front of me.....n luck's on my side when I put myself to a test by trying to remember all sorts of passwords I use for my emails.....and thanks for the effort.....at last I could get thru and here I am now. What a lucky day!

This morning and throughout the day at work I had plenty of time mixing around and joking with the staff.....I was so light hearted......I knew I got heaps of paper works.....but it wasn't a really hectic day like yesterday when the staff and I had to be so diligent handling so much data....everyone with a calculator in hand....one wrong step would result in having sleepless night......thanks to everyone.....the ordeal's over....the next step is to key in everything.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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