Apr 12, 2010

A Blessing.....

It's such a cold night after going through extreme heat the past couple of months. It has been raining since yesterday much to the relief of everyone. Most couldn't stand the heat and the downpour is a blessing indeed. This weekend is one kind I always look forward to. I spend much time at home with the usual chores though today I really pamper myself by waking up late.....hehehe....who wants to miss such opportunity when you don't have to rush for work. Today, I don't go shopping, the food stock's enough. Usually, I prepare special dishes for my family but today, I only prepare a simple one which is always a favourite. It's the chicken wings cooked in dark soy sauce and mixed with some local herbs. To complement it, I fry  mixed local vegetables and to bring out the taste, I use chicken stock and fish sauce. It does taste good!

On last Friday, I had a very simple lunch at SF. Wet kuey teow with beef which is always one of my favourites and teh-C special. The kuey teow is slightly with a different taste from KKB. I prefer the one at KKB cos it's really worth buying with an adequate amount of grade A beef, vegetables and kuey teow and the taste is fabulous!

This is what I had on last Friday. Does it look tempting??

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