Apr 9, 2010

Be Happy!

Earlier a friend showed a quote..."Choose a happy friend, to be happy."...there's so much truth in it cos from my own experiences when I'm among those who are sulky...the vibes tend to get hold on me and makes me likewise. And whenever I'm among those who are so motivational with an open outlook on most things, the positive vibes influence me making my adrenaline flows smoothly and there's this so-called a sense of  relaxation and well-being exist in me. Of course, we can't simply escape from the harsh life of having ups and downs which contributes lots of moods mostly pulling us to the negative side of it but then again life has to go on...as the saying goes...thus we have to switch our mind set to a brighter side of things.

I can't deny the fact that there are times when I feel everything's turning upside down but usually I pull myself together and say...hey! I deserve to be happy and petty matters are put aside for good. Problems? Yup...lots of it but we can always solve it one by one, right? There are many alternatives, either solved by ourselves or by talking about it with those whom we trust or seeking counsellors for support....if we could afford it. I firmly believe on the stance that there's always a solution to every problem. It all depends on ourselves to choose what's the best for us.

I like the line of a song, "Don't worry, be happy"....we do have worries over so many things...family, children, asset, finance and lots more....but if we keep on worrying, will we be freed of it or otherwise what goes around comes around and make the situations entangled and more complicated? The answer lies in us on what we really want.....to stay in a sticky situation or to get it solved to enlighten our minds. It may takes time, for sure and we can handle it within our own capacity. Not going over the limits, neither delaying it for fear of its buildup which might controls us. We have to stay firm by controlling our own lives, looking at the good side of it. The bottom line is be positive!

I'm not a motivator but every single line I write here comes sincerely right from my heart.

*Credits to Happy Smiles (pics n smileys) which I choose to grace this post.

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