Jul 11, 2011

Haiku - Thinking

I've been thinking hard,
To extract the utmost best,
But access denied.

A Monday thought,
July 11th '11

Image : deviantART


  1. Yes I've felt that many a time. I love the peacefulness of that beautiful photograph. It reminds of me a place which is a short walk away from my parents' home. A place where one can quietly think and reflect. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy your evening!

  2. For a while..
    stop thinking hard,
    Laid back and rest,
    Things will be easier to digest.

    Have a peaceful evening to you.

  3. Thank you, Ritchie. For me, it happens sometimes. :)

    Yeah, I also like the photograph. It's so tranquil and a perfect place to free the mind after a hard day's work. I love nature and this beautiful country scene really captivates me!

    Have a nice day! :)

  4. @Christine - Thanks a lot. It's really comforting hearing that from you.

    It's almost midnight, so I'm wishing you a great day ahead. :)

  5. It happens Balqis..there are many questions left unanswered..there are certain dreams to be fulfilled but all you can do is hope and pray..there are many things that every woman likes and wishes to have..you have been doing everything but it was not enough..and all what's left is to stop thinking and just wait till the right time comes because you can't do anything but wait..sigh..

  6. that is our ideal scenery..me and my hon will row row row our boat(as long as there are no creepy creatures)..sit next to each other with her head on my shoulder and in silence we can hear our hearts talking..*giggles*

    silence can give us many answers..some answers will be discovered, while others would be kept away from our senses--don't worry they are meant that way--unknown to keep us safe..and maybe to keep us stronger inside.

    p/s i love eating dark chocos in silence..no access granted :)

  7. @Sie - Thank you so much. Yup, there are always something left unanswered no matter how hard we try to find out the "Whys". Yeah, I agree with you, the right time will strike! :)

  8. @Beanie - I'm glad that it's an ideal place for you and your hon. :) You have to be careful though. I can't say no creepy creatures not unless you throw lots of chocos into the lake!

    Thank you for your wise say about silence. :)

    P.S. LOL...don't be stingy! Access intruded!!

  9. huh? throw lots of diamonds into the lake? *teary-eyed*

    ahmmmm...*silence* ..guess my hon won't mind if we change location..a safer place perhaps? *wide grin*

    hmp! access denied access denied...eeeeenk..error..DANGER! hazardous to intruder's health!

  10. Your love for chocs is so extreme that you compare it to diamonds! Hehehe

    Ahemm...I guess your hon still prefers the tranquility of this place. Don't fly away love-birds! :)

    There's nothing hazardous than a mountain of chocs...craving denied!! :)

  11. PEACE all around me but this heart, all devoid of PEACE!
    Your consolation, ripples in water, that my heart is to miss!!

  12. Suresh, another "WOW" for you! Thank you, my friend, you're never short of beautiful words. Keep writing! Let the beauty lives! :)

    I'm speechless to comment more.