Jul 19, 2011

Haiku - The Price I Pay

A cup of coffee,
Makes me see stars through the roof,

Each passing moment,
Counting sheep over again,
They dance in my head.

From midnight to dawn,
Doo-dle-doo breaks the silence,
I'm still fresh as dew.


Image :  freewebphoto.com


  1. I used to loathe coffee (that's another story) but I love coffee now. I love my sleep too, so I always make sure that coffee does not pass my lips in the evening then I can enjoy my shut eye more!

    Thanks for sharing your caffeinated words my friend.

  2. doodle doooo ddoooooo reee miiiii faaaaaaaa....

    did you say coffee chocowey???? yummmmyyy!!

    twinkle twinkle little stars how i wonder you're up high..above the world the diamond's so high..in the sky you're watching over my chocos you bad!!! hmp!

    i know i know i can sing vewy well *munching chocos*..
    hmmmm.how about a change with my treasures?
    i know! *dipping chocos in coffee*

  3. I'm not caffeine intolerant but I just hate coffee. Weird enough, I drank coffee as a young girl and I can sleep throughout the whole afternoon but as I grew up, I can no longer bear the bitterness of the black coloured drink. Many tried to tell me it is sweet -- it never was and I learnt my lesson well after being "cheated" a few times. LOL!

  4. I love drinking coffee sis but I put choco with it hehehe..I love the scent of coffee plus a bit of choco mix..yummy yummy..then drinking it with someone you love beside you when it is raining outside..weeeeee..much nicer in front of a fire place..day dreaming Sie wake up hahaha :)

  5. We used to joke putting IVs with black coffee running inside to keep us alive during graveyard shifts! ;')

  6. I love the taste of coffee and use to drink it in my childhood days. Unfortunately, for uncertain reason I am suddenly allergy to it in the form of terrible head ache, sweating, vomiting and worse...I could faint. So, if I ever crave for it I will make or buy a glass of coffee drink, take a sip and give the rest to friends or just throw it away. Still got head ache but, not that bad though.

  7. hi balqis...i simply love cofee..nescafe, expresso, coffee latte + cold or hot , anytime anywhere..i am an insomniac, but not because of cofee tho :)))))) its because i think too much before i go to sleep.
    try again, you may acquire the taste and overcome the "eye-opener" problem in time...
    ooooooooooooo delicious coffee

  8. anybody home?..sis are you ok?..passing by again..hope your ok :)

  9. Dear all, Richie, Beanie,liling, Sie, Ning, Christine, Sumi and Wan Maznah, thank you so much for all your nice comments which means a lot to me. :)

    Some of you might be wondering why I wasn't here and answered every comment like usual. I'm so sorry for that. It's because I've been and is still very busy. This is a very hectic month for me. However, I'll be around whenever there's time for me. I miss everyone! Stay connected, ok? :)

  10. Speechless- for the haiku, and fresh dew- :)

  11. Hiii Omo!!! C'mon don't be speechless! Talk, please. :)

  12. Big time coffee addict here :) Though I can always crash after having even 3 cups :P
    Good one balqis!

  13. Hi Harish! Nice to see you again. You know, I envy those who can take lots of coffee and especially at night. I can't do that! It will make me wide awake till morning!

    Thanks, Harish, for your comment. :)