Jul 26, 2011

Learn To Love Life

"Love life. Be grateful for it always. And show your gratitude by not shying away from its challenges. Always try to live a little bit beyond your capacities - and you'll find your capacities are greater than you ever dreamed."
- Anonymous

I read this for self-motivation. Everyone of us, once in awhile, needs to motivate ourselves. Life nowadays is always full of challenges. Wherever we are, in big cities or small towns, we do feel the same rat race life that gives us so much stress. We have to be strong enough to cope with it or else it will destroy us.

Sometimes, I really feel down. But I stop for awhile and ask myself, "What's worth for me to dwell in this mood? Sooner or later it will kill me!" I don't want it to have a control over me because it can turn out disastrous. I have to get rid of it and get moving. And getting rid of such mood is finding solutions to overcome it before it gets worse.

I am feeling sad right now. Hence, come up with these little scribbles. I don't want sadness to rule me.  The above quote is kind of giving me hope and there are many things to discover. I have to help myself though it is hard to face the challenges. Challenges will remain if I don't take any action to solve them.

I regard this as one of life's challenges. Life is so unpredictable with its ups and downs. The ups can be soaring sky high and the downs, might be like falling into a deep pit enveloped in darkness and helpless to find the way out.

I believe self-determination is significant in overcoming whatever comes my way.

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  1. Learn to love life and she will love you back, and your life will be full of love. Love begets love.

  2. why sad? i'm here! And i have chocos to make you smile..but..but.i don't think you need them, do you? ok ok, i'll make a demo *munching chocos*

  3. @Ritchie - Thanks a lot for the inspiring words! :)

  4. @Beanie - LOL...you gotta give me the Happy Chocolates! I'm happy now watching the demo. :P

    Thanks, Beanie. :)

  5. Really motivational.........thnx for sharing friend! :)

  6. You're welcome! Thanks a lot, Aakriti :)