Jul 17, 2011

After 6 Days

My mind is quite blank today. I would like to write something interesting  but it seems that ideas got stuck somewhere inside there! I am quite exhausted after slogging for 6 days! It should be 5 but yesterday we had a meeting which ended at 12.30 p.m.  I am glad that it was over. I felt so stressful before the meeting as I had lots to present and unfortunately,  I faced some technical problems  to present using power point. I felt I failed to carry out my duty well yesterday.

Being so exhausted, this is how I looked  like last night.

This afternoon I baked a cake which has a unique name, Kek Sarang Lebah, literally translated " A Beehive Cake"! Well,  Malaysians in this state are very creative in giving all sorts of unique names to cakes and biscuits. The reason is, nature is always close to our hearts. Regarding the cake, I had another failure. It didn't turn out to be like a beehive cake but instead it looked like a chocolate cake! But it tasted good! After all, not a complete failure. I should have added honey in it because it is a beehive cake!

 May be you want to know how the cake looks like. I don't have the picture but let me explain, there are holes inside it. When it is sliced, we will see the "cells" which look more or less like in a beehive. Don't be scared to try it because there are no bees!

Although I failed in two things mentioned above, it isn't the end to it. It's a lesson to be learnt in order to perform better next time. Well, folks, that's all for now. Have a great week ahead!

There is no failure except in no longer trying. ~ Elbert Hubbard

Credit for first image :  asoulofartist.devianart
Credit for second image :  graphicleftovers.com


  1. Hi my friend,

    Hope you've enjoyed your weekend and rested well for another week ahead. I think many can empathise with the situations that you've mentioned. Life is a series of successes and failures; they both go hand in hand in our journey through life - They are partners.

    I like your final quote. I like this one:

    Failing to try is worse than failure itself.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    P.S. You might like this link:


  2. Hi Ritchie!

    Yes, it would be otherwise an enjoyable weekend but the loads of works the past week had somehow drained my energy! Anyway, I have recharged it! :)

    Thank you for your response on successes and failures. In journeying through this life, I have walked on many a rough road but still able to go on and still standing! (I mentioned this in my previous post in response to a friend's comments.) I'm referring to my life as a whole not just elaborating on the failures I had as mentioned in this post. I have so many failures but I find resolutions to overcome such failures again. Whatever I go through, has not dampened my spirit. I'm a fighter and I want to survive!

    I like your quote, too. Sometimes, I refer to quotes to uplift my spirit.

    Thank you for the link. I'll check it out. :)

  3. Hi Balqis, I hope this coming week will find you in rejuvenated spirits! Yes indeed, life has its many ups and downs but feeling great again after a low period is such a wonderful feeling. Enjoy!

  4. Hey...you look cute being exhausted. :D

    Wish you have a great week ahead.

  5. Sorry to hear that you suffered failure that disheartened and exhausted you up to some extent.

    And, and,.....

    So glad to realize that you failed twice and learnt two lessons or gained two times greater strength to do much better ahead.

    Thanks and Congratulations! :D

  6. hi balqis, this is a very interesting post..relaxing to read. Makes me hungry too. Hope next time your cake gets better, more and deeper hive cells. Must get a scientific reason behind this formation…then we can add extra of that particular ingredient.
    Your resting nest in the first image is so cute..at least you still have your antenna and wings to fly high…have a great day


    can you please make my hon a choco mousse beehive no bee-sting cake?? it's her bday tomorrow! yey! ssssssshhh!! pwomise you won't tell her i told you!

    can i taste that chocoyeyt first? *big eyes*

  8. @Ann - Thanks a lot! It's so nice of you giving me the inspiration. I hope this coming week will be a fruitful one for you! :)

  9. @Christine - LOL..thanks a lot! But don't disturb a sleeping bee! :)

  10. @Suresh - Thanks a lot for congratulating me. You're right! When we face failures, it doesn't mean we can't succeed. Actually, failures lead to successes. :)

  11. @cv - Hi Wan! Thanks a lot for reading this simple post. Your idea is good. Yeah, why not let's have the scientific research on it!

    Wow! I like your last sentence. You are boosting me to go on! Thanks a lot, Wan! :)

  12. @Beanie - The chocolatety boy is here! It would be a pleasure for me to bake the two cakes you mentioned. I'll put as a decoration two bees on the beehive cake representing you and your hon. Don't worry, they can't fly and sting!

    Happy birthday to your hon! :)

    Thanks a lot, Beanie. It's fun when you're around. :)

  13. hi friend,
    sometimes even a blank mind gives us an idea to write something new by continuously poking us to think!
    the pic chosen is very cuteeeee!
    i nvr knew d concept of beehive cake.........thnx for sharing it!

  14. Hi Aakriti! I agree with what you said. :)
    I like the cute baby bee sleeping but I'm not a baby anymore! Hehehe

    Regarding the cake, it is named as Beehive Cake may be because of the patterns that appear which look like the cells of beehive. Thanks, Aakriti. :)

  15. yummy yummy sis..can I have a slice?..oh make it two for my quiet angel weeeeee..

    morning sis :)

  16. Hi, how refreshing your blog for me, i feel like am not alone, got all those moments you have stated above. Am happy and feel good after reading your blog, thanks for sharing..:)

    Have a nice day !

  17. @Sie - Surely you can have more than a slice! Thanks, sis. :)

    @Flamy - I love it, too! Yummy! Thanks, Flamy. :)

    @Sagittarian - Thanks a lot for your nice words. We do have the ups and downs and that make this life more interesting. :)