Jul 12, 2011

Haiku - A Dream

These eyes so heavy,
Soon, into dreamland I fall,
Where I meet my love.

Life is a dream,
July 12th '11
Tuesday evening

Image  :  mrhighsky.devianart.com


  1. It seems that the white pigeon heard the princess talking to herself like this:

    "Why do you torture me, dear?
    So thoughtless you have turned, or thoughtful..don't know!

    But, I am sure
    Deprived of feelings, I am!"

  2. @Suresh - Nice expressions! :)

  3. Beautiful Picture. A dreamland indeed. It would be magical to meet a love one there, with the bird singing a lovely soundtrack. :)

    Good day to you balqis.

  4. weeeee..I claim that poem..that's me yehey..I always dream of my hon with me sitting down on that dreamland sis..I will be wendy and he will be peter pan with our triplets running around on our dreamland..

    If I can wish not to wake up from my precious dream..but I have to wake up because I am waiting that my dreams will someday be reality..I will be with them for real yehey :)

    morning sis *hugs hugs*..that girl is so really me (just dreaming) hahaha..*blink*

  5. that's why i'm not growing oyd 'coz i want to stay as a kid forever and fly away with my hon! and triplets and quads! yey!

    haist..my eyes are too heavy here in the office..don't they have a considerate heart for a kid like me??--this is child labor!
    *yawn* *yawn*

    anyone with waking chocos??

  6. @Christine - Good afternoon to you! You mentioned it so nicely - a place so beautiful to meet one's love with birds singing!:)

    It's just in my imagination that while in dreamland , one could meet one's love. :)

    Thanks, Christine. :)

  7. @Sie - It's so nice to know that you feel there is you in the poem. I'm hmbly dedicating it to you. :)

    How wonderful it is to be able to spend time with your quiet angel and three cute little angels in dreamland and savouring every minute of it! I'm wishing, as much as you do, that it has to be real and I'm sure your dreams will come true. :)

    Good afternoon to you! Enjoy the rest of your day! :)

  8. @Beanie - Yay! you're blessed to be so. When the big day comes, don't forget this Malaysian bee. *wink*wink*

    How come they didn't realise you're a child?? They have to be compound for that. You can eat chocs for kids that can make them sleep like a log. :)

  9. You are most welcome. Sometimes I imagine the same imagination too. But we all know that it's not always happen. But there's no harm dreaming anyway.

  10. It's ok to imagine or dream. After all, it's part of life. Sometimes, dreams are destined to be true. Thanks, Christine. :)