Jul 7, 2011

The Intuition

You said you were

in disguise,

All my senses spring

to life,

Not in a frantic search

to see you,

But feeling and knowing

your presence.

What's important,

even if you're

in camouflage,

I can't deny the intuition

that you're somewhere

out there,

And you're watching

closely over me,

Warding off anything

that might harm me,

And giving me

a sense of well-being.

The intuition of,
   July 7th '11

Image, credits go to :  www.noupe.com



  1. gulp! is that a chameleon??? *pointing*

    that lizard won't camouflage my chocos, right? *worried*

  2. Gulp!Gulp! it's a big green leaf with two black spots that blink!

    Green isn't a good camouflage for chocos, so you're safe!

    Thanks, Beanie. :)

  3. I always admired chameleons sis..because of it's ability to change it's skin color and ability to adapt easily to it's environment..

    your haiku..is it describing what I am feeling now..hehehe..even if someone is not physically present..you can still feel how he cares and loves you even if he is not always there beside you..what's important is you know and believe that someone is there loving,caring,making sure you are safe even if you are not together physically :)

    morning..breakfast..coffee sis :)

  4. @Sie - I just penned it down cos of the word 'disguise'. I'm happy to know that it relates to your feeling at the moment. :)

    Oh wow! great morning coffee. So aromatic! :)

  5. Presence in disguise!
    No need to see or talk to!!
    Just feel and be safe!!!

  6. That's what it's all about. Thanks a lot for such lovely words. :)