Aug 25, 2009

Little Tiger In The Garden....

It jumps here and there. It even sprints for a bird at the backyard. Its golden fur can easily be recognised even if it's hiding among the bushes. Its playfulness always make up my day. A little bit 'fierce' cos doesn't seem to be very friendly when sometimes it snarls at me even during feeding time. It only wants to eat but doesn't want to be a friend, sometimes! The hang out place is behind my kitchen. That's where it can smell the food I cook! It will always stay there till I feed it.
This is one of my pets. How wonderful it is looking and admiring at this cute little cat. Looks like a shy little kid or 'malu-malu kucing' but it might be prudent not to scare it because its snarl is enough to make one jumps up! That's why it's called a Little Tiger.

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