Aug 21, 2009

Long Lost Buddy

My buddy (in blazer) and I

What a great day! Reminiscing the good old days with a long lost friend whom I met again yesterday. So many things to talk about since the days we left college. Feel that it's a friendship to be treasured and never to be lost again cos it's so priceless. Thanks God, you've enable me to see one of the best people in the world.

It was a great surprise when I bumped into her yesterday when we attended a 2-day course organised by our HQ. At first sight, I could hardly recognise who she was cos I felt as if it had been ages since we last met. The last time, if I could recall, was a couple of years after our college days. Then, we went separate paths and lost contact. Only heard about her again from another friend. At that time, I was furthering my studies at the university and got to know that this friend of mine was furthering hers, too. It was fated that we were to meet again when out of the blue we bumped into each other again. We were so overwhelmed with happiness that made us speechless for awhile. It was a moment to be cherished forever.

Today, she left for another destination. A very emotional parting when she shed tears before heading off her journey. I wish we would be able to spend more time together but both of us have commitments, career wise. Nevertheless, I wish this sweet moment would come again and I wish many good things for her and for me.

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