Nov 13, 2011


The complete strangers,
The eyes meet, just a second,
Smiles break the silence.

Sunday haiku,

Image : Shy by ~byluluka on devantART


  1. Duh- should I lough out loud? :))

    LOL- very nice one, haiku and the picture!

  2. LOL...your laughter is contagious! I'm laughing too! Laughing is better than smiling in terms of noises. There are noises when we talk,and when we can't talk, it's ok to laugh to break the silence.
    Thanks, Omo! :)

  3. Hmmm, lovely and interesting haiku Balqis!:) Stranger,can you pass by and break my silence with with your smile too..:)

    Have a great Monday!:)

  4. Thank you, Ros. Presuming that the strangers don't talk but smiles is like a catalyst to break the silence. :)

  5. Smile is the best antidote. It makes you feel part of something bigger.
    I often meet the eyes of women pushing their babies, and we exchange a smile, like it says it all.
    Love the image and your words. Have a lovely day!

  6. To me, a smile is so magical. It brightens up one's face. I agree it's the best antidote. Thanks a lot for your nice comments and for liking this Haiku. :)

  7. hi balqis, have a happy week to you too.
    smiles from me...wan

  8. actions speak louder than words..a smile can mean a lot of can be appreciation from a stranger, start of a good relationship or somewhat deceiving be careful when it comes from strangers..

  9. @Wan - Thanks a lot! Lots of smiles from me. :)

  10. @Sie - That's right! Thank you. :)

  11. beautiful haiku...

    Over a cup of coffee,
    Cell numbers exchanged,
    Time to leave.

    :P i made my own haiku :P

  12. Thanks, Israr. You have been hiding your talents all this while. You could write a beautiful Haiku! Thank you so much. :))

  13. Smile expels the feeling of strangeness!
    That is what brings closeness!! :)

  14. Yes, that's the magical effect of a smile! :)

    Thank you, Suresh. :)

  15. Beautiful my friend, and you made me search for the meaning of haiku here, and now i know! I would say this is one of your great haiku! I like this! Did they become lovers ? LOL :)

  16. Prime, thanks a lot for your kind words. I'm glad you search for meanings of haiku.

    Regarding this Haiku, I don't know whether they become lovers or not. LOL...a very interesting question from you! It's just the beginning. Exchanging smiles might lead them to a simple "Hi!". But I'll let you find out! :)