Nov 1, 2011

Silent Stories

Windows to the soul,
Unfolding silent stories,
Known by those who see.

Tuesday Haiku,

Credit :  beautiful eyes image by xXxDayDreamingxXx on Photobucket.


  1. so true Balqis..even a smiling face can't hide one's feeling of despair and loneliness..our eyes always reflects our true emotions inside us..I had those eyes for many years and now once in's reality and we can't escape it..there's no choice left but to be strong!

  2. Tears have stopped appearing, getting dry leaving visible stains. But, the mourning is still peeping out of the eye as a true companion!
    Heart-touching post matched with the picture of a perfect choice!

  3. @Sie - That's right! Thank you so much for your insights. Reading you, I know you're always strong. :)

  4. @Suresh - Your words are even more touching, Suresh. It's really nice reading your well-expressed thoughts. Thank you so much! :)

  5. Our eyes.. the windows to the soul, showing what kind of heart every individuals have, nothing you can hide. Great piece..:)

    Have a nice day! :)

  6. Indeed it is the gateway. Thanks a lot for your comments. :)

  7. Read and try to understand the eyes, unfold the hidden meanings...difficult to fathom the silence of eyes. Each person is the reservoir of stories. Many completed, told several times, visible and many incompleted, untold and invisible to world. They remain deep inside person rarely open but sometimes express through the eyes.
    Perfect title. Hats off!

  8. Thanks, Ano. The eyes can tell many stories and they don't lie. Thank you for your explications. :)

  9. I've been there many times....
    We all do.

  10. It's undeniable, really, as part and parcel of life. Thanks, Ana. :)

  11. I would like to be between those that see!

    There are so many wonderful stories in a soul that makes eyes so beautiful!

    Great haiku, BB! Full of mystery and myth!

  12. That's a nice choice! To see and interpret the stories. But there are two sides of the stories - a happy and sad ones. Everything is shown in the eyes cos eyes don't lie. It's mysterious!

    Thanks, Od, for your compliment and comments. :)

  13. Eyes holds many stories, absolutely- beholder interpret which in time may become somewhat other story.

    The silence agreed to the right or the opposite-

    Yes, full of mystery and indeed, myth! Bravo- :)

  14. Thanks a lot, Omo. The eyes are like open books that reveal to us many things and factual! They are telling us in silence. As you said, full of mystery. Thanks a lot! Nice to see you again. :)