Nov 23, 2011

For The Health Conscious

Which one do you prefer?


  1. Yeheyy!! I like both Balqis!:)) I don't know why I was addicted to soft drinks especially coca cola!lols.. But, if I really need to choose only one, I prefer the first one and not diet cola.

  2. I don't drink cola but if I do for some occasions, I'll never go for diet cola.......the products they put in it are know to be far to keep the same taste without less sugar.
    Have a good day Balqis

  3. Regular one. I love cola. :)

  4. I don't usually drink sofdrinks Balqis..I usually drink pineapple juice hehehe..but I have heard that diet colas have contents that are more hazardous to our health..

    so if I will choose one..I'll go for the regular one.

  5. @Sagittarian

    Thank you, ladies, for all your nice reponses at the same time telling me your choices of drinks. I do like coke but the original one. Diet cola doesn't taste as good as the original.

    Thank you so much, once again! :)

  6. I drink cola once or twice a year so it's not a problem if it's not diet.

  7. Thank you, Martinelli. Nice to know that. :)

  8. hi balqis.

    first time stepping on ur blog. nice. i mean i like it, really like it.

    will keep updated.

    feel free to visit e and im sure u gonna like it as well. :)

  9. Welcome to my blog! Thank you, Inspector, for your nice comment and for liking my blog. Will visit your blog. :)

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