Dec 24, 2011

Fibonacci - Dreams

seem  real
my  mind  sees
everything so vividly before me
as I touch each , embraced in its beauty
my heart flutters and sends a gush of  excitement to my whole being
a wish to stay in these dreams forever for they are mesmerising and fulfilling my soul with the beauty of paradise
but alas, some dreams  remain as dreams floating freely among dots of clouds 
without any special haven to land on to
and falling apart from reality
disperse very faintly
into nowhere

P.S. I just couldn't help attempting another Fibonacci because I'm now so deeply in love with it! There is no cure to this sickness. 
As  ~*Princesa Fiona*~  said we got The Fibonacci Fever!

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  1. Yay!!! I'm the first one to comment!

    I LOVE THIS, Balqis! The subject, the image (oh my!) your BEAUTIFUL words, the colors and BRAVO, you included the middle line of 21 words!!!

    LoL @ the P.S.! Thank you for including me ~ very generous of you :)

  2. Yay!! I'm so happy to see you the earliest today! I have got the incurable Fibonacci's fever! :)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for liking my 3rd Fibonacci. I followed what you said and personally, I'm happy to be able to write the 21 words in the middle. You are my inspiration! Thank you again for introducing this form of poetry writing. I just can't help falling deeply madly in love with it!! :)

  3. weeeeeeeee..ok I'm next to comment Princess Fiona..wiggle did it again Balqis and I was smiling when I was reading your fib. I was hooked and you captured my imagination..have a nice day sis ;)

  4. and wahhhhh..we have same thoughts on colors..I have saved my fib for new year with the exact colors of your fib so with the arrangements hahaha..I guess I should change it sis..*hugs* I love your pix..can I stay there?

  5. perfect !

    the image is soo beautiful.

    the dreams of yours, which some come true and some remain as dream are illustrated very well in the flow of your excellent Fibonacci.

    thumbs up !

  6. Weeee...Sie, I'm so glad you're next after Fiona. Nice to know you're smiling reading this Fib. Let the imagination stays awhile and get the beautiful feeling.

    It's a coincidece we chose the same color. Blue and any other shades of blue are my fav. You don't have to change it. It's ok to have the same color. The subjects are different. Waiting for your Fibo. Don't keep it too long! :)

    Thanks being here.

  7. Inspector, thanks a lot for your kindness. We all dream; some come true, some fade away. Anyway, it's part of life. We can own some but not all. Thank you!

  8. Wow! :) Very impressive Fibo Balqis! :)All are perfect like what Our friends noticed, I'm so happy reading your Fibo,it's sooooooooooo wonderful! :)Please more, more , more Fibo!! :) Merry Christmas! :)

  9. Thanks a lot, Ros. I still need to learn more. By requesting for more, you're encouraging me! I'd love to keep writing. Enjoy your holidays! :)

  10. First, this is such heartwarming words...dreams...Hmmmmm.

    Second, how I absolutely LOVED your comment on Izdiher' post--about the cultures and religious celebrating each other's Holy/holidays. More heartwarming stuff.

    Going now to play Christmas Eve mass, but I may suffer from "hot-heart" disease, before it is finished...thinking of your post!

    Thank YOU!

  11. Hi Steve! Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for your nice comments.

    I was sharing a bit of what you can find in my country. In the state of Sarawak, where I'm staying, there are more than 40 ethnic groups. There are altogether 14 states with other ethnics. My country has many ethnic groups but we all live in peace and harmony, respecting each other's beliefs and cultures. We have unique celebrations. One is "open house" meaning to say everyone is welcome to join in the celebration and enjoy the dishes (traditional and modern). So it's like, visiting each other even if we're from different backgrounds. I'd love to tell more but it might confuse you. Anyway, thanks a lot for liking my comments at Izdiher's blog.

    Wishing you a great time this Christmas!

  12. Nice blog, I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Love the photos! Merry Christmas.

    Visit my blog when you get a chance ;)

  13. It's all my pleasure, dear Balqis, especially when I see the 'offspring' of my 'fever' producing such sheer beauty as this!

    May you never fall out of love with this beautiful form. It suits you just as lovely as your haiku does :)

    I'm returning for another read ~ can't get enough of it :) My favorite lines are the dark blue segment of the sonnet. I know it's the saddest part but every single line is penned with exceptional beauty. It also pertains to a reality of life that we all can identify with :)

    BRAVO !!! :)

    P.S. ~ I'm posting my 3rd one in the next few days ;)

  14. @just tututiny - Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for your nice words and invitation.

    I'm enjoying my holidays and I hopw you're also enjoying yours. Will visit you. :)

  15. @~*Princesa Fiona*~

    Dear Fiona, your wish granted! You have done such a good deed that Fibo's fever can be found in most of your followers' blogs. :)

    I'm touched knowing your return for a second read. It means a lot to me. I'm doing the same thing at your blog. I keep returning cos you write superbly!

    This Fibo relates to life. Some dreams come true but some are not. Sometimes, we really wish some of our dreams to be real but it isn't so. We feel disappointed but life has to go on. We have to face the reality that life is comprising of happiness and sadness and that components make us see its value.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. Just can't wait for your 3rd Fibo! :)

  16. This is very beautiful and I loved the way you used the colors.

  17. I love it my friend, you responded well to the Fibonacci fever. I enjoy reading your piece and I know you can write more Fibonacci soon! I love the image too, nice choice! :)

  18. Thank you so much, Prime. I just couldn't help but tried another Fibonacci. I find it's interesting. You can write, too. Looking forward to read another Fibo or yours. :)

  19. Very well written, well designed! Novelty it has!

  20. you made a beautiful Fib too...
    Dweams..i dweam of having a house of chocoweyts!..but but..everyone is getting a piece of my choco-wall! hmp! hmp!

    I dweam of making a Fib too..but I don't know how *blink blink* Hon will spare me! yey!

  21. LOL...may be the inspiration will come when you stay away from choco's world for awhile! Hmmmm

    Realize your dream by starting to write one NOW! Your hon writes one, and you must have your share, too. Don't blink! LOL

    Thank you, choco-boy! :)

  22. @Suresh - Thank you so much! :)

  23. this is really a mind provoking... and I love the style the way it is presented... beautiful... :-)

  24. Wonderfully done Balquis! It almost resembles a sonnet, I am sure it isnt easy to get the right choice of words to complete this.

  25. Thanks a lot, Arnab. You're right! It's never easy to get the right words in poem writing. That's how I feel. :)

  26. thats a good talk my friend!!!
    congratulations for this post