Dec 17, 2011

From The Eyes To The Heart

look into
yours and see
them glow warmly with love
the embers keep away the fear of freezing
 passionate love runs in every vein and flutters the heart restlessly every beat
when your lips can't whisper the sweetest word, from your eyes I get the sweet nothings
flowing gently to the door of my heart, I see your eyes sparkling with much affection
revealing the contentment of the heart for they are the mirrors of truths
it generates awesomeness of being bestowed real love
heavenly divine, pure and sweet
when eyes meet
two hearts

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  1. awesomeness is filling the air now.
    very good Balqis. beautiful words make up beautiful fibonacci :)

    keep coming :)

  2. Thank you, early bird! I'm still in the process of learning Fibonacci. Meanwhile, I just gave a try to this second Fibonacci. Thank you for supporting. Much appreciated. :)

  3. you are most welcome :) it's good progress. i mean very good >.<
    me too in the same boat.
    we shall learn from each other. and i think it's very late at night in Sarawak now, right ? haha

  4. It's weekend, so I can stay up late. Yes, it's very very late or is it very very early?? Cos it's the wee hours!! LOL

    Thank you for your encouraging comments.

    P.S. Dari tadi aku ubah2kan Fibonacci ni. Macam tak menjadi je!

  5. yup it's's ok.
    haha lol at that wee hours :P

    well what's wrong? the missing 13-words-line? or which one? cos other than that it seems ok.

  6. Following Fibonacci sequence? And then fall back from 13 or is it like how much further you can get with?

    Looks like after 8 words, sequence broke a bit- :))

    Like the idea-

  7. Aww Balqis, this is good! I mean, I don't know how you do it but wow, it is just too cute and nice and everything!

  8. This is so lovely Balqis!:) I love it!:) Another work of heart.. Thanks for sharing your second Fibonacci, it's soooooooo great!:) Good morning!:)

  9. @Insp Saahab - Thank you for pointing out the missing line. I have added the 13-word-line. It's good to share, we know easily what's wrong or missing.

    You are a fast learner! Thank you for your comments. :)

  10. @Omo - Fibonacci is something very new to me. First read it at Fiona's blog, The Princess Passions, who put up a challenge for us to write Fibonacci. I took up the challenge and wrote my first Fibonacci some time back which I entitled "My Fibonacci". Fiona also gave the link for reference I refer to it, too, but my first Fibonacci wasn't that good. Some lines were missing.

    This is the second time I try another Fibonacci. I enjoy writing it in this form because my poem doesn't rhyme. To me, it's more like telling a story. I'm beginning to love Fibonacci as much as I love Haiku.

    Thank you for being here. Your presence is much appreciated. :)

  11. @Miss Lego - Thank you so much! I like your Aww which sounds good to me!

    I have given a the link on Fibonacci's writing in the previous comments for my friend, Omo. If you're interested, please refer to it.

    Thanks again, Miss Lego, for your kindness. :)

  12. @Sagittarian - Your words are music to my ears! Thank you so much for giving me the early morning pleasant words which boost up my passion in poetry.

    Have a blissful weekend! :)

  13. !**Applauds**!
    Congrats on composing another beautiful Fibonacci, Balqis!! :) I had a feeling you would enjoy this form especially since you love haiku! I'm so glad to hear this!

    The image is perfect and I'm loving the entire presentation of this :)

    I will point this out for future reference: After 13 it goes to 21 and then back to 13. You have two lines of 16 in the middle and I think this may be due to confusion I caused on my original Fibonacci post. My fault :p

    I replaced the one line of 21 with a couplet (two lines of 8) I made the two lines of 8 into one line of 16 (I saw some composed like this on the internet but not as one line of 16 - that was my little creative spin on it) :)

    In my last Fibonacci I decided to stick to strict schematics and write one line of 21. Due to my line being too long for the width of my template, I decided to break up the one line of 21 into two lines that looked similar in length . I also liked the new design that formed from doing this ~ made it a bit different :)

    I hope that didn't confuse you to death lol! However, this is all schematics and it doesn't detract in any way to this gorgeous piece of writing you have presented us with!

    Excellent work, dear Balqis! I love the ending: "when eyes meet two hearts become one"

    Have a great weekend, my friend :)

  14. Thank you so much, Fiona, for the guidance in writing Fibonacci. You are my Fibonacci sifu! I feel so honoured!

    I referred to your Fibinacci and saw the differences. I also referred to Austin Kleon's post. Yes, I was a bit confused but dared to write another Fibonacci cos I'm falling in love with it! You have shown me and others another form of poetry writing.

    Thank you so much for being here with your precious comments on this work. It means a lot to me. :)

  15. Wow, this is one of the best posts of yours, I presume. Love, the best and the most beautiful part of human sensitivity, can never be better portrayed than this. Exquisite.

  16. Thank you so much, Samrat. Appreciate so much your kindness. :)

  17. ♥●• İzdihër •●♥, Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Keep coming! :)

  18. Hi balqis. wow this is really a beautiful piece..
    love from the heart goes to the eyes..... and i can see it in his eyes....

  19. from Sagitarrian to your post it valentines love love ok include mine too expressed the emotions of love so vividly sis..

    it was also my second attempt to do a Fibonacci and it is a bit hard of compressing those thoughts in just a number of words and having it rhymed..ssssshhhh I got my tongue twisted hahaha..but for me you have done a great job..

    "when your lips can't whisper the sweetest word, from your eyes I get the sweet nothings"..weeeeeeeeeeeeee..

    and my hon gives a wink and I go blink blink hahaha ;)

  20. Such a pretty Fibonacci, Balqis. :)

    Good job!

  21. @♥Sie♥ - You know, this is a belated Valentine's day! Looks like love bug is in the air!! LOL

    It's good to try something new to get experience on how it's written. It's a challenge for us to squeeze in everything in Fibonacci's style. You know, I edited this Fibonacci so many times!!

    Thank you for your kind words and for quoting my lines. Q.Angel and you will go wink, wink, wink and blink, blink, blink! Jut don't get giddy! :)

  22. @Mirage - Thanks for your nice words. It's my second attempt and I haven't really accomplished it cos the 21-line-word isn't there instead there are couplets of 8.

  23. I know but it doesn't matter as long as you grip your readers with your words. And believe me, you never fail to do it. :)

  24. Your words are really very encouraging. I'm glad and feel honored. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. :)

  25. I love this! From the eyes to the heart, is the eyes the door for our soul my friend? Anything seen in the eyes can be connected and feel straight to the heart. I must note this is a well crafted Fibonacci of yours! Great job my friend :)

  26. Thank you for liking it, Prime. Yes, the eyes are the doors to our souls. The eyes see it all from outside. Likewise, what's inside is reflected in the eyes. The eyes don't lie.

    Thank you so much for your compliment. :)

  27. I love this piece it is so nice to read poem with so much emotions and lots of love in each line...

  28. Thank you so much for liking it. :)

  29. So we cannot really lies don't we? Keep your insight coming my friend, many are inspired with your brilliant thoughts :)

  30. We can lie but it's hard to hide it in the eyes! It's the mirror of our emotions, our doings, actually it's like an open book! It's part of body language, too. Look at the eyes of those who are shy, happy, sad, anxious, angry, etc...we'll be able to see their emotions.

    Thank you, Prime, for your continous support. I'm happy having a nice blogger friend like you. Keep coming! :)

  31. hi balqis..its so true
    from the eyes to the heart
    from the heart to the eyes
    such great power from The Almighty..

  32. Indeed it is! There are links from the eyes to the heart and back again! Thank you so much for your nice comments, Wan. It's a pleasure seeing you here. :)