Oct 13, 2011

Let's Ponder

When asked what he needed for his birthday, my six-year-old nephew said firmly, "I don't want to need. I want to want!"

While travelling through the Smoky Mountains, I stopped for gas in a village. An old-timer meandered over to fill up my tank. When I offered my credit card, he refused it, saying, "Sonny, it's cash only here. Credit's something you get for doing a good deed."

                                                                                                      -James McLaughlin


  1. Credit for the wants and Cash for the needs? :)

  2. wow...2 quotes very different and yet similar :)

  3. @Omo - LOL! You're clever! :) It's like saying I want the credit but I need the cash! Thanks, Omo! :)

  4. @Muhammad - Thanks for your wow. Yup, two diffrent situations but similar. Thanks, Dr. :)

  5. I loved the first one.
    Who is G.G.?

  6. I don't know who. Only saw the initial. :)

  7. Hello, Balqis! :) You disturbed me - I was close to a first-rate idea! :(
    As your title suggested "Let's ponder", I was just pondering and pondering and, and wondering what would be the best idea! :(
    Anyway, here is my stale second-rate idea-
    James is simply joking - a good joke!
    But, the little boy is a big boss - he doesn't like to wish anything that he NEEDS on his birthday, because needs are fulfilled without asking. So, he is talking about what he wants - that is what he desires, not needs! :)

  8. Hello again and thank you, Suresh. Appreciate your opinions. :)