Oct 23, 2011

Two Different Worlds

As I look through this windows,
I hear the sweet song of birdies,
Just a stone's throw away, singing
in a language common to them,
The song I hear at this windows
is a song over a different waves,
Where singers aren't seen alive unlike
the birdies which are chirping
among flowers, leaves and trees and
sometimes, I can hear then quarrelling,
Though I might close my eyes,
I can feel their presence nearby,
Singing gaily at their own freedom
But at this windows, my hands
control everything.......

*Written at the time when birds just woke up and the sun slowly rising from its hiding place.
A very good start of another beautiful Sunday for me. The birds are still singing.
Wishing readers of this blog a fabulous Sunday!

Oct 23 '11

Image : naturewallpapers.us


  1. Very good post for this day, even if we came from different country and different language, still you are there to listen and to give inspiration most of the time..:)

    Thanks a lot Balqis..:) Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Thank you, Ros. Nice to see you early in the morning. An early bird! :)

  3. have a blessed Sunday Balqis.thank you for this inspiring poem..kindly check you mail *blink*

  4. hi balqis, have a great week.
    this pretty birdie knows what words to say and what
    songs to sing to keep her days bright and merry...
    my nephew will call this "a clever bird"

  5. Hands in control though mind is with birds- time to flee. BB. :)

  6. I can never get enough of your posts. I like the fact that I live each words you write her, which is amazing.

  7. beautiful morning!!! happy start!

  8. @Sie - Thanks a lot! Loved the e-card. :)

  9. @CV - It's nice to know what your nephew called it. Thanks, Wan. :)

  10. @Omo - Yes, time to flee before the cold season. ;)

  11. @Miss Lego - Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

  12. @cindyrina - Yes, it was a beautiful morning. :)