Aug 27, 2011

The Inspirational Blog Award

Recently, a blogger friend, Sie of the Philippines gave me a very pleasant surprise by awarding me  the "Inspirational Blog Award".  According to her the award is made "basically for sites on my own opinion have Touched Lives". Thank you so much, Sie, for your kind words. It's a surprise that my blog is among the ones you mentioned. If I'm allowed to add another recipient, definitely you're the one who well-deserved it.

I find that Sie's blog "A Life's Journey" is so inspiring with many posts about life.  At one stage, I even thought that she's a counsellor! I love reading her posts which boost so much inspiration and motivation. Check out  A Life's Journey.

The award came along with "Eight Easy Tag Questions" (according to her) but which aren't seem too easy for me! Anyway, it would be great joining in the fun of being tagged.

Here are my sincere answers. Let's look at the questions one by one.

1. What can make you laugh, smile or giggle?
There are many things that can make me do so but among all, I enjoy tremendously my conversation with someone very close to me who can be very hilarious, sometimes, that I just can't help laughing, smiling and giggling!

2.  What are your dreams for your future?
I have many dreams but on top list is to travel the world and speak Spanish correctly if not fluently.

3.  If you were to go to a cruise, where would it be and why?
It would be to New Zealand because it's a very beautiful country.

4.  How would you spend your vacation time and with whom?
Going for a vacation would free my mind from work. Therefore, I would love to have some quiet, quality time with the love of my life; soaking up the sun, watching sunset, admiring the moon, stars gazing and listening to nature's melody - birds singing, crickets chanting and waterfall cascading. It would  be a great moment together when both of us are disconnected from the internet!

5.  If given the chance, what life would you choose? Your new life or your past?
Let me say it this way. I would cherish the sweet moments in my past life and move on with the present. Definitely, the new life is my choice because I feel I'm moving towards better directions.

6.  Is there something you wished before when you were young but you didn't get it?
Let me answer from a different perspective as I'm not going to touch on the material side of it. Well, when I was a little girl I wished so much that I could swim instead of just watching my friends swimming like ducks! I didn't have and still don't have the ability to swim. If you were to take me anywhere for a swim, make sure the float is provided for this big girl!

7.  Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but you chose to move on?
Yes, many times and it was really a test to my patience.  The other side of my mind told me not to be defeated so easily. Instead of dwelling in it, I chose to move on.

8.  Is there someone in your life your source of strength and inspiration?
My late dad is my source of strength and inspiration. He had the qualities of a man who was strong enough to face the odds apart from being so hardworking to ensure his family had enough for daily needs. He was also a very patient man who looked positively at trials of life and worked towards resolving them.

That are the answers to the tags. I hope, Sie, in particular is happy with it. Once again, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to her for kindly choosing me to receive this beautiful and meaningful award.


  1. your welcome sis..thank you so much for receiving the award and for your kind words..but most of all for answering the tag questions..weeeee..

    Can my quiet angel, our kids and I come along? Both of us want to be on the same vacation you want..don't worry we will pay our plane ticket but you be in charge of the accommodations sis and lots of chocos hehehe..

    I also don't know how to swim..I also need a floating device..I get so scared and that's the main reason why I avoid traveling by sea..yikes give me a life jacket hahaha..

    Same here Balqis..even if I had many painful experiences .. I will still choose to be living in my present life because it is where it taught me to grow and mature more as a person..with quiet angel's help and our kids love it sure helped me to move on..ehe I think I answered some of my tag questions wahhhhhh..

    thank you so much Balqis deserve is not an ordinary site..your site is unique..every Haiku gives me a motivation not only to read but to think and challenge my true lots Balqis *hugs*

  2. We have some things in common. Thanks for sharing. Well, both of us better stay away from water! idea going for the same vacation and I'm given the responsibility for your accomodations and chocos! Let's build two big tents next to each other. One for you, one for me!

    Thank you again for all your nice words. Lots of love from me to you and the kids....and Quiet Angel. :))

  3. hi balqis .. ramadan kareem, hope you are doing good.

    I've created a new girls blog with the name She Exists, where she exists and He Stalks ..
    hope you'll come and have network with me . you can also post your writing there
    will love to see you around ..

    She Exists
    Aish .

  4. Hi 3yesha! Nice to see you again! It's been a long time. Ramadan kareem to you too. Yup, I'm doing good and I hope you're likewise.

    Thanks for telling me your cool blog. Will check it out. All the best to you and Happy Eid in advance! :)

  5. I loved your answers. Congratulations!

  6. Nice answers!!! congratulations friend!