Aug 11, 2011

Haiku - The Three Pieces


A little island,
Surrounded by vast ocean,
Loneliness prevails.

A Fate

So light and fragile,
Like a feather in the wind,
Destiny unknown.

The Constraint

I want to Haiku,
Haiku's entangled in mind,
Words undelivered.

Conveying in Haiku,
Cool Thursday
 Aug 11th '11

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  1. There are 2 colors dominantly present..
    blue for distance, peace and loneliness..
    white for purity, awareness and absence..
    ~~they deliver what you can't

    delivery!!!!!! pail of chocos!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for interpreting. But, blue is my favourite color and I like white for cleanliness.

    Thanks for the chocos! It's fattening but my favourite! :)

  3. Ocean make it lonely being surround? :)

    Unknown destiny could not deliver the words nor hide the loneliness- nice one, BB!

  4. Omo, that's the only island in the vast ocean and it's so tiny. It's by its own - so lonely!:)

    The destiny is unpredictable - like the feather blown by the wind. Where and when will it land and will it be for good or bad? :)

    When things are entangled, it's so hard to straighten them one by one, and make everything clear will take time to do so, thus some of the things are unable to be released and still stay in the shell!:)

    Hey Omo! It's good that you asked. You make me think! I like it so that my mind isn't stagnant. You make it flourish with ideas. Thanks, Omo. Keep coming! :)

  5. An island won't be a symbol of loneliness when you are with someone hehehe..

    fate is like a feather you don't know where will it lead you..but when someone grabs a hold of his or her fate you would be able at least to take control of it..fate will just come but you can choose of how you will respond to it..I have always stand up with this quote sis..

    like a feather..circumstances in our lives will always come because it is what we call fate but it can only stop us temporarily(like the wind)..what stops us permanently in fulfilling our fate is the end of our life's journey..our decisions that we make will always determine our fate..our destiny :)

    Haiku constraint..there have already explained it so well Balqis..I don't want to think anymore hehehe..

    have a happy day sis mwahhhh :)

  6. Oh! this is really nice, Sie. You say it so well that I'm almost speechless. You could elaborate every point so excellently. I love reading everything you write here. You have the motivation skill that amazes me so much.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you a happy day, too! mwahhhh :)

  7. The first though that came to my mind was "No man is an island". Indeed, we cannot live in loneliness. But sometimes, we need to isolate ourselves from the hustle bustle of everyday life and retreat to a remote island in the middle of nowhere...
    The second haiku about the feather reminds me of my situation next year. The university has accepted my application to do a postgrad diploma of arts in linguistics (Feb 2012)and I will proceed to do my masters upon completing the former...I will be embarking on a journey a thousand of miles away from home in Dunedin, New Zealand. Just wanted to share this good news with you. Btw, UO stands for University of Otago
    Thanks for your encouraging comment in my previous post :)

  8. Congratulations, Jojo! As I said, it isn't a far-fetched dream. Now, it's in your hand and soon, you'll be there in University Otago, New Zealand. I'm glad to hear the good news from you. I'm sure, you could be the best and beat the rest! Even if thousands of miles away, please stay connected through blogging. It would be great hearing from you.

    Thanks a lot for your views on my simple Haiku. :)

  9. Ah I love Haikus. They are so simple yet they have a great depth to them. I particularly liked "The Constraint" as it depicts one of the main reasons why I write so vividly. Thanks for this :)

  10. Haiku expresses a lot in so little a word. Love it too though I'm still trying to improve it - to learn writing poetically. Thank you so much for liking one of my haikus. There are some other haikus here which I attempted a few months back. Thank you for your comment. :)