Aug 19, 2011

The Way It Was......

A couple of days back, I had the sudden urge to look and read the modules and texts I used during my university days. It was kind of bringing back the bitter sweet memories of how it was being a student having to burn the midnight oil at most times, well, that was me! It was not because  I did not organize my time properly but the number of courses in each semester was too many and that made me feel there was not enough time to concentrate on each course. That's what I thought! There were times when I dreaded  assignments and especially when they were really very tough and needed a lot of references. Now I am thinking of the lack of sleep I went through in trying to accomplish all the tasks in hand.  But on the other hand, thinking of the golden opportunity I had being accepted to further my studies, I determined to strive for the best in the examination and to get a good CGPA in each semester. There were so much sacrifices just to get that university scroll.

Looking back at how it was, I am thinking now, it is worth all the sweat. For me, the time as a student is one of the most memorable times in one's life.  No matter how tough it was, nothing could beat the immense satisfaction once everything was completed. And of course, the greatest joy of all was on the graduation day itself receiving the scroll from the Chancellor. I feel as if it was just yesterday! I miss those days and it is not surprising if I say that I wish to go back to the campus and study again.  I am inspired by my friends who had been continuing their studies for the second degree and who are now PhD candidates.

A special note :

Congratulations to my blogger friend, Jojo Tiffany of Sabah, who will be furthering her postgraduate studies at University Otago, New Zealand.  Jojo, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes."  The dream is realized through deligence and it is to be fulfilled. All the best to you!

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  1. Hi Baqis,
    Being an engineering student, i am enjoyng my life to my fullest. And after reading this post, i think i should enjoy even more, before these days end!
    Thnks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi Aakriti! It's nice to know that. Yes, you should enjoy your life more.

    Thank you to you, too! :)

  3. hi balqis, that's a great image you posted- love it. congrats to your friend and the best of luck to a Phd.
    as for me, my sis is,but i am not :) i was too lazy to study further than a degree.. ask me to study now, i still wont do it.. not focused. LOL
    have a great weekend to you.

  4. Thanks a lot, Wan. But I'm not going there yet. It's just a thought, you know, sometimes we get inspirations from what we see around us. Just dare to dream and one day, it will be realised. :)

    Wishing you a great weekend, too! :)

  5. Hello thing that I won't forget when I was still studying was my "terror" teachers..I have a teacher in taxation..she was not showing the results of our quizzes and exams..and you will just be shocked when you received your final grades and 25% of our class just passed..I'm glad I passed wahahahaha..but maybe that did a trick helped me study more and more because I didn't know if I have passed or not..but it was really hard for the whole semester thinking if you have passed or not..duh hmp hmp..

    *hugs sis*

  6. Hello Sie! Thank you for sharing your story about the "terror" teachers. Your teachers knew what's best for their students and it must have been their strategies to increase the number of passes in the examination. You see, you have studied more because of the uncertainty whether you passed or not. :)

  7. Thank you BB for these reminiscences!

    College is an unforgettable phase embedded into our life!

  8. Od, let me thank you, too, for your nice comment. It's worth reminiscing the sweet moment which comes, may be, only once in a life time. Now, we can look back at those days when we were doing our best to accomplish the choices we made.

  9. Hi, this is great! Reminiscing the school days, all the sacrifice, those days like you, lack of sleep just to make sure about the necessary things for the next day at school,..Oohh...How I loved to be at school all the time, crying when my father told me that I need to stop that semester for some reason.:(

    Just like you too, if given a chance I want to continue my studying again. Because for me, Education is one and important key to step forward through success..

    Thanks for this wonderful post, have a nice Sunday!

  10. Thanks a lot, Rosalinda. School days are to be cherished. :)

  11. I'm going to be experiencing something like this too very soon (med school). Hope I'll be able to cherish the memories as you cherish yours, very inspiring post, well done!

  12. Wishing you the best in your studies. With determination, everything is possible. You know when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

    Thank you, leaves. :)

    P.S. You have a cool nick. :)

  13. Hi Balqis! Thanks for mentioning my post here. I'm really excited at the thought of being able to go overseas. It has been a dream of mine since I was in secondary school. I have always envied those who had the opportunity to study abroad. Now, finally, my time has come! I really miss my university days, the liberty and freedom I had when I was a student. When you start working, you are tied up with work commitments and you just can't seem to find the time to do all the things that you could do when you are a student. I actually secretly hope that I can be a student forever. I believe my parents would be horrified if they find out about it ;)

  14. Hi Jojo! You're welcome! I'm happy for you cos now you're going to realise your dream. Studying abroad is the golden opportunity which many would like to have. You're among the lucky ones! Study smart, be the best and beat the rest! :)