Aug 1, 2011

Haiku - Determination

Scorched by midday sun,
The face like crimson sunset,
The will undeterred.

Defying the heat,
Desires boiling inside,
Victory in mind.

The will,
Into Monday

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  1. we can't change the circumstances we are our journey to our own destiny there will always be thorns or rocks along the way, we can even walk through fiery furnace and be tested of our faith..or be faced with giants in our lives..

    it won't matter much on how many times have we stumbled or fall..or how slow our pace is on how we stand up again..the best part of it is being determined to move take every step and to have a will to always move forward..Morning :)

  2. I like your comments. You are giving so much inspiration. Thanks a lot, Sie. :)

  3. the last line is the most important.."VICTORY IN MIND"..
    as i've said before..problems are common but attitude makes a difference.

    the boiling desires must be kept still by the flaming passion for victory.

    scarlet feet remain unknown 'til you reach the peak of your fulfilled destination.

  4. Beanie, thanks a lot for reminding me. It's always nice when friends say that. You really know how to give motivation. I appreciate it so much! :)