Aug 4, 2011

A Thankful Thursday

How the days fly! It's Thursday! Outside, it's raining, a mild one, the rain taps the roof gently. It's early morning and a cold one which I'm so thankful after days of hot weather. The weather had been quite harsh lately. I felt as if it was biting my skin! That was the time when I wished I was staying at home.

On another note, I wish to extend my thanks to everyone visiting this simple blog. Thank you so much for taking your time to drop by. It really means a lot to me. You guys are simply awesome!

The roses above are for everyone of you. Wishing you guys a fruitful day ahead and do make the best of your time! Remember to carry a smile with you! :)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! :)

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  1. It's August already- how months went- :)

    A thankful notes with roses- has been noted! Thank you, too- :)

  2. You convey it so beautifully. You make me feel this ordinary day so beautiful just by reading your post. You might not realize it but you make me start my day with a smile and appreciation.

    Thanks Balqis and thank you for the roses. I am a crazy admirer of roses.

  3. I love mornings Balqis and I love it most when it is showering is so refreshing..I don't know but I love to hear and see those droplets of water on my window always..

    Your welcome Balqis..It is not only the topic but I think it is more because of the bond of friendship that keeps me coming back to your site..

    Thank you for being an inspiration :)

    *huuuugggggsss*..thank you for your bag of chocos for my quiet angel..he gave me a dozen of roses like that oh on your pix..missing him weeeeeeeee..look oh you made me smile Balqis :)

  4. are there more roses?? *grabbing roses*
    i'll give this to my ♥♥♥..
    *running, wiggling*
    oh! i forget.."TENT YOU!!"..she will love these..*blink blink*

  5. @Omo - Thank you for noticing. I'm happy and my heart will bloom beautifully like the roses! My friend, days fly to weeks and into months and years, as time goes by friends who spice up my life are always remembered. You're among them! Thank you once again. You make my day! :)

  6. @Madison - Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

  7. @Christine - Thank you so much for feeling happy upon reading this post. I'm glad that you start off your day with a smile and appreciation. That's how it should be so that our day is always filled with positive vibes which will enable us to carry our duties well. I like your sweet smile. :)

  8. @Sie - Dear sis, what you said means a whole world to me. Thank you so much!

    You're a person with so much inspiration which you spread to others. Keep it going! It's contagious but causes no harm. Actually, you get more by doing so. :)

    I'm happy your quiet angel shares the bagful of chocs with you. How romantic! It's even more romantic with the dozen of roses. Love is in the air! :)

  9. @Wiggly Beany - There are some more . You have to come here and choose the best for her. Hey watch out! Don't run and wiggle too much. You'll spoil the roses! :)

    Thanks a lot, Beanie. :)

  10. Hi, this is wonderful Balqis! Roses and your simple note makes our Thursday so meaningful and bright.:)

    Thanks for sharing us your wonderful Thursday!

  11. Thanks a lot, Sagittarian. I'm happy that it brings some meanings and brightness to your day. :)

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  13. I'm an August baby. May this month brings you more blessings and happiness. Happy Ramadhan to you and your kin :)

  14. How lucky you are! You were born in the month of independence for our country. I'm wishing you everything nice! Thank you for the Ramadhan wish. :)