Aug 23, 2011

Haiku - The Mockingbird

How irritating,
My say, you say exactly,
Get real, get a life.

The bird's-eye view,
Tuesday 23.8.11

 Image : hi-ola-education


  1. nice haiku this one.. even though i dont know to whom you said this thing :P

  2. Hi Muhammad! Thanks for your kind words. It's not for anyone, it's just for read-only. :P

    Haiku is something new to me. New, in the sense that, I try writing it months back. Sometimes,
    my Haiku might not sound as Haiku at all! Need to "cook" more cos it's still raw! Anyway, I dare to explore in this component of Literature cos I love poetry and Literature in general.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. It reminds me about my first try to find out Haiku form- I had something about follow and follow back kinda stuff-

    But this one express a true feelings regarding copycats- those having no life-

    Good one, BB- :)

  4. Thank you, Omo. You mentioned copycats - they roam the virtual world though not physically seen! But it's magical when you stumble upon your "very own expressions/words" at some places somewhere. As if our sweats are of no value. Hey Omo! you're right!

  5. Omo...forgot these, which are for you --> :):) :)
    Thanks a lot! :)

  6. oooooppppss..who are you referring too sis..scares me better hide sis Balqis on a roar hehehe..just making you smile *tickles*

    I hate copycats..all of us are created to be why not explore your own talent..have your own original..dare to be different..

    I don't know anything about a HAIKU..but quotes are everywhere and it is Open for copying but it would be proper to put the name of the author..but if a Haiku was made originally by someone else in a blog I don't think it is good..hmp..I would also hate someone if they copy my writings but I can't do anything about it to protect the contents of my site huhuhu..

    I guess it will depend on one's conscience..if they have one :(

    *hugs* I am original :)

  7. Dear Sie, as I told Muhammad, it's not meant for anyone - just for read-only. The bee is buzzing only!! Yeah, in every sense, you're right on your views about copycats. All of us were born unique, so make use of that unique ability to explore more of what's available in this world. Copying others works is so unethical. It's ok to quote sayings or whatever as the usual case is we also include the authors' names. I, for one, haven't come to the stage of being able to say so intelligently, reasonably and practically! So, I'll quote quotes along with the authors' names.

    What we are talking is something beyond our control. It's really sad, of course, when others claim our works as theirs. I guess, the conscience is hanging somewhere else.

    Thank you so much for your nice comments. :)

  8. Hi Balqis,
    It really hurts when someone copies our piece of work, in which we had contributed our sincere efforts and time!
    There is no harm in "FOLLOWING" someone, but it is very wrong to "COPY" someone!

  9. Hi Aakriti! I like your stand on following but not copying. I understand the hurt could be grievous when we take into account everything we have done to come up and produce a piece of writing but the joy robbed from us once it's plagiarised. It's robbing in day light!

    Thank you so much for your views. :)

  10. Agree with most people here that copying somebody else work is stealing!! And I do not condone it!

    Nevertheless... don't you think that it is a way to show admiration for the author? :) Just a thought.

    1. Thanks on behalf of other cementers. I love your beautiful thought of it. It does show admiration for the author but sad to say when it's plagiarized.

      Thank you so much, Od, for sharing your thought. :)