Aug 16, 2011


The saying : Life isn't a bed of roses.

My opinion : It is true indeed. There are many ups and downs as we sail through the journey of life. Even if it's a bed of roses, still there are thorns in it. We can't even sit, stand, walk or sleep peacefully on such a "bed".  We have to be cautious of what's around us  so that we won't get hurt. Literally speaking, by the sharp thorns, it might be minor injury but a pain will always be a pain.

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  1. i completely agree with your opinion friend!

    It doesn't matter how great successes one had achieved in his/her life, everybody has to keep fighting, till the end.........till the last moment when one is placed inside his/her coffin. And it is only at that moment when our soul seems to be happy for getting freedom completely, from all the pains and worries of LIFE!
    So i can say, LIFE is not a bed of roses, but death makes us to sleep in a "Coffin OF ROSES"!
    Strange.but true!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot, Aakriti. I like your well-said opinion. It holds a lot of truths. How nice of your saying in a coffin of ROSES. Yes, it's strange but true and I can't agree more.

    Love how you express your opinion. Keep going! :)

  3. Yes!

    There are thorns, and that is the blessing!

    Can you imagine a painless world?

    How would we, as a species, endure absolute bliss without having earned it! :)

    Weird thought, I guess!

  4. Hi, this is real.. Life is full of trials and hardship. Because our Creator wanted us to be more stronger while we are still on our way to His Kingdom.

    Thanks Balqis!

  5. Tony, Absolutely- the thorns is the blessing- :)

    The world wont be any better place without pain- that makes our life better-

    BB, thanks for the thoughts! :)

  6. If life is indeed a bed of roses...then be it. I don't mind the thorns. It might hurt me and possibly left me with few bruises. But it's worth it coz in the end..all that matter is the reward. The beauty and the calming scent of that roses. We need that in life.

    Good day to you Balqis.

  7. @Od - Yeah, you're absolutely right! Nope, can't imagine if everything is pure bliss. That isn't life! And it's going to be meaningless for we don't go through the thrills of facing the trials and tribulations.

    Love your well-expressed insight. Thank you, Od. :)

  8. @Sagittarian - I think the more trials we face, the better and stronger we are. Thanks, Sagittarian. :)

  9. @Omo - It makes us look at many different perspectives of life and you're right, my friend.

    I'm only sharing a small thought. Appreciate your comment. Thanks, Omo. :)

  10. @Christine - Well-said! The aura of the roses are still needed for it spreads beauty and sweet aroma. Thanks, Christine. :)

  11. nicely put... and i think that is the beauty of life that it has those ups and downs else it would be very boring and stagnant...all the hustle and bustle is due to this phenomenon otherwise everybody would just sit and relax.. :) nice post :)

  12. Life's like that, making us crave for easier way to live it. But the easier road we choose to take, the more difficult life's outcome appears.

  13. hello sis..I agree..Life is not a bed of roses..and often times we feel weak and about to give up..but these same pains are needed in our journey to make us strong as a person,to persevere on our goals and to fulfill our life has not been a bed of roses..but I can now say that it made me stronger and it taught me to be a warrior who has a goal to win my battles in life..

    I agree Balqis sharp thorns can give a minor injury but pain will always be pain..major pains that will leave scars and bruises that can't be healed but minor injuries though painful can have a chance to be healed if we are willing :)

    *choco boy is not here..tsk tsk he is a busy angel..

  14. @Muhammad Israr - Thanks a lot for your brilliant views. Yeah, it would be dead boring if we have to relax throughout the whole life!

    I'm happy to see you here. Keep coming! :)

  15. @Ning - Smart girl! It's exactly as you said. I believe, no pain no gain. Thanks a lot! :)

  16. @Sie - You're indeed a warrior! Proud of you! Thanks a lot for sharing your views. Like it so much. :)

    *choco-boy is busy munching chocos somewhere...all by himself! :)