Aug 10, 2011

Have A Say ....

The five most essential words for a healthy relationship :
"I apologise" and " You are right".
~ Terry Duke

What do you think? :)

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  1. asking forgiveness is never easy but in having a healthy relationship humility is a must..I have always believed..asking forgiveness is the highest form of our human nature..but quiet angel have also taught me..trying our best not to do it again..

    the words sorry or I apologize becomes more meaningful when an act of change is attached with it!

    ..Unselfish Love,Kindness,Trust,Faithfulness,Respect and BOTH of you working it out adds up to having a healthy and lasting relationship :)

    have a happy morning sis :) mwahhhhhhhhh :)

  2. You're right, Sie. Thanks a lot. :)

  3. "I'm sorry" and "I will not do it again" are different. Guess that's the reason why I don't believe in SORRY often.

    "You are right" about "Let's make it right"..accepting flaws is essential in every relationship, it makes us realize that we need the other to fill our blind spots.
    I believe the key to understanding is meeting both views at the middle, no one is superior nor inferior to the other.

    *munch munch chocoweyts* these treasures make me talkative *blink blink*

  4. So wise! Thanks a lot Beanie. :)

  5. Those who knows "I'm always right" isn't a truth could say sorry- and see through other's perspective- :)

    It is indeed a bare essential for any relationship!

  6. Yup, it can't be right all the times. It's better to be have a give-and-take attitude whereby we "mirror" ourselves and see whether we're on the right side - or left! LOL...I'm thinking of left foot you always mention!

    There are many essentials in a relationship. The one mentioned in the above quote is just at the tip of an iceberg.

    Thanks, Omo, for making this discussion more lively. :)

  7. I am clueless. Still in learning process as well. :)

  8. Life is a good teacher. It teaches us many things as we go through it. Thanks, Christine. :)

  9. Terry Duke points:

    "I apologize"
    "You are right"
    as the best lines of a healthy relationship! Agree!


    Erich Segal wrote:

    Love means not ever having to say you're sorry :)

    Somewhat hieratic! isn't it? :))

  10. Well, I think, it's saying sorry for certain circumstances (wherever applicable! :)) When one is wrong, one should realize the mistake and say sorry. When comparing the quotes, there's a tendency to be hieratic. In the end, we'll be so confused! Let's follow our own hearts how should it be. But as a whole, let's see when it's appropriate to say sorry.

    Thank you so much, Od. You make me think more! :):):)