Aug 2, 2011

Bangles - Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame - to me this is a metaphor. The eternal flame that keeps burning in the heart with love. I really enjoy listening to this song and like it so much. The lyrics are so sentimental and give such an impact on me.

"Say my name,
Sun shines through the rain,
A whole life so lonely,
And then you come and ease the pain,
I don't want to lose this feeling.........."

Isn't it lovely? Everyone would wish for a sunshine after every rain. And the immense joy of seeing the sun which gives the warmth much needed is a feeling no one wishes to lose.

I don't want to lose this feeling......... either.


  1. Hi Omo!! It's nice to hear that from you. Indeed it is! I just love it. :)

    It's always good seeing you landing here again. :)

  2. weeeee..I don't want to lose this feeling oh no..never I won't Balqis..and with the love that is flaming inside my heart I have decided even before to keep it and to hold it here is a commitment to keep my love for quiet angel..whatever happens I will do my best to take care of it,keep it safe,never hurt and let this heart beat Only for him :)

    morning sis *hugssssss* you have chocos hehehe..for quiet angel *blink blink*

  3. hi balqis.. i dont want to get intoxicated with giving too much love..
    i am very scared, when i give too much love, i tend to expect alot more from the other and that can lead to hurt/ suffocate.
    the eternal flame of love is a very unique and a delicate thing to has to be nourished with great attention.
    cant you see taht i am a very confused person here? ha ha thanks balqis.

  4. Mommy, Do you know there's this Eternal Flame in Corregidor Island (PH)? It is the beacon of hope, courage and freedom for people caught up in the vast, incomprehensible drama in World War II .

  5. i was thinking of the song when i found your post title, and yey! i'm right!

    hmmmm..before i was thinking it's the song for disabled people:
    close your eyes= blind
    give me your hand, darling= no-arm
    do you feel my heart beating?= deaf
    do you understand?= insane?

    so i decide to revise it..
    close your eyes, give me your chocos balqis
    do you hear my tummy rumbling?
    this i cannot stand..
    do you feel the same?...
    am i only starving..
    or is this burning..
    my chocoleyti thing...

  6. LOL...that's funny! You're so good in defining and revising it.

    I open my eyes and hand you the chocos,
    Even if I don't hear your tummy singing,
    I know how terrible it is
    though I don't feel the same,
    You aren't only starving, you are craving!
    With the burning desire to munch
    a whole lot of chocoleyti thing....
    all for yourself!

    Get it? Thanks a lot, Beanie. :)

  7. @Sie - weeeee...I'm happy to hear that! How romantic you are! Your quiet angel is smiling. :)

    Good evening to you, sis. Sure, I've handed a bagful of chocos to your quiet angel. *Wink*Wink*

  8. @cv - Wan, I'm sure you'll be able to find the secret ingredients to get rid of the suffocation! There must be a recipe for it. You aren't a very confused person. It's just that the heat of eternal flame makes you uncomfortable a bit. ;)

    Thanks a lot, Wan.

  9. @Ning - Nope, I don't know about it. Thanks for telling me. The place sounds great and gives so much encouragement to those facing terrible time in the war.

  10. weeeeee!! yum yum!!
    no..not for myself only..for my ♥♥♥..
    but often i save her from*evil grin*

    wow! you answered my song! though it's kinda hard to sing in tune..
    tay my name tunchine tyo da rain...nananna

  11. Weeeeee! choco boy, you keep om munching non-stop! Glad that you think of your beloved and taking care of her. Nah, not necessary to sing in the tune. You see, you've created a new lyric! Tang you cho much!