Aug 9, 2011

Poem - The Love Birds

The great love of
Adam and Eve,
Romeo and Juliet,
Samson and Delilah,
Are timeless love,
Held in admiration.

The love birds.......
Whispering a sweet nothings,
As nothing else matters,
Two hearts bursting with love,
Lost in the land of affection.

The days are brightened up
by smiling sunshine,
The nights adorn
by beautiful twinkling stars,
Romantic feeling that keeps coming
from inner fold of the hearts,
The wish it will ever last,
Till the end of time....till eternity.

Written with love,
  Aug 9th '11

*This is a special dedication to my friend, Sie of the Philippines and her Quiet Angel. Sie is such a wonderful friend who shares and expresses lovingly her true feelings towards her beloved Quiet Angel. I am wishing both of them the best in everything and may every dream comes true! :)

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  1. eeeeeeeee.....i knew it i knew it!! *wide grin*
    *wiggling butt* dud mowning balqis..thanks for the post, ahmmm...Quiet A. told me to thank you..

    the truest love of ___ and _______♥♥♥

  2. An angel holding my hand
    Making me feel safe
    Whispering to my ears
    I will never leave you.

    A promise that he will stay forever
    A promise that I would keep
    An everlasting love that I will cherish
    Till my heart stops beating.

    I woke up I thought it was a dream
    But now he is here I saw Quiet Angel
    He is beside me holding my hand
    Looking into my eyes saying
    I am here Sie "I will stay forever".

    weeeeeeee..and I am a woman deeply in-love..THANK YOU for that poem look I am smiling..wide grin :)

    *hugs hugs* Love lots sis..gudmorning sis :)

    I have sent a message to quiet angel..he will be happy reading your poem..THANK YOU for making our day sis mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  3. @Beany- look and you are just 1 second earlier hahaha..I have not sent quiet angel a message yet and you just knew it..your so fast :)

  4. Going through the previous comments, i can seemingly say that this poem has been dedicated to one of your friend, who is very happy with her life!
    keeping myself away from this secluded conversation...... i just wana say, the poem is very beautiful! And perhaps, its beauty has been increased by the addition of one more beautiful poem, which your friend Sie has composed!
    i wish a ravishing future to the two lover birds, who are smiling behind this lovely post!:) :)
    keep going, keep smiling!

  5. *blink blink*
    *reading the poem vewy slow*
    *scratching head*
    *holding ms. sie's hand*

    what do you mean by those ms sie?? are you talking about my chocos?? *wide grin*

    real, true
    important, necessary
    these wings of love
    together will fly
    together will live
    together will explore
    the wonders of flaming hearts

    i am no adam nor samson
    no romeo who got the poison
    for your love is the reason of my breathing
    your heart is stolen by this robinhood
    will keep it beating
    'til his own stops..

  6. @Sie and Beanie - This is indeed the happiest moment seeing both of you here. Sie's words are so nicely written in a poem that's just lovely! Thanks for telling your Quiet Angel and here's the representative, Beanie, with all the warm messages from your loved one. Sie, you got to pay him with more chocos. :)

    Beanie, I know you always know first what's going on here even if we're a sea away! That wiggling butt must be working so well on you! :P you're giggling! Give me the answers for the blanks in your sentence. You want chocos?? then answer me. ;)

    And you poem, it's simply awesome! could it not take a breath away from your beloved gal?? She is smiling beautifully! ;)

    Thank you both for being here. :)

  7. @Aakriti - Yes, it's a dedication for her. I like all my friends to be happy. You're my friend, Aakriti. I'd be happy to know you're happy, too. I mean happy with what you're doing and with your life.

    Thank you a lot for your nice words. I composed the poem after knowing what she's going through and she had added a poem of her own which as usual expresses her love for her quiet angel. And then another poem was posted here by another friend, Beanie. Isn't it nice?

    Let's not regard this as a secluded conversation. Join us to make it more lively. Thanks again, Aakriti. :)

  8. *blush*
    oh i should not blush...
    *covering eyes* you can't see me can' can't.. *seeing chocos* but i see those chocos! yum yum!! hellow chocoweyts! how are you guys?? miss meeee???
    *puppy eyes on balqis*

  9. @Beany-*holding my hand???*..holding your hand too and walking along the sea would be nice *blush*..hahaha..

    thank you for that lovely poem and kindly tell quiet angel..he is also the reason why I am waking up each morning because I know it is another day closer to the day that my hands will be locked in his hand forever and I will feel his arms embracing me so tight..yes together we will fly..together we will build a happy HOME..

    @Balqis-thank you know one of the reasons why I love quiet angel..he makes me give out the best in me..

    I am not writing before or worst not doing poems but now I discovered I can have a true smile,I am inspired to write,I can write a poem hahaha..he had given me the inspiration to live my life to the fullest..look sis and I have tears again..I usually have those tears because of my heart bursting with love and happiness..and it is all because of him :)

  10. @Beanie - Those romantic puppy eyes! Take care of them. :)

    @Sie - I'm happy for both of you ( ahemmmm...whoever your angel is!) :)

  11. Hi balqis, this is great, you must be really in love and blooming at heart- to be able to recite love words this loving :) OR
    is it Sie’s ”head over heels” that inspire you. ha ha ha- have nice day balqis.

  12.'re funny! Sie knows a lot about love. You better ask her. Thank you for being here. :)

  13. Hi Ram! Thanks for your wow. Keep coming! :)