Aug 24, 2011

Haiku - A Typical Day

Paperwork screaming,
Like claps of thunders non-stop,
Can't help but tied up.

Deadlines a concern,
Still, each vies full attention,
Time's running away.

Bogged down,
Aug 24th'11

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  1. im starting to like your haikus :)

  2. Another good trial towards haiku! Honestly, I liked it more than the previous one!!

    Keep going friend! :)

  3. Being lover of work- it's like chanting! :P

  4. @Aakriti - Thanks a lot for your nice words. :)

  5. @Omo - When you chant as you work, you don't feel the burden of work. By the time you finish chanting, everything is accomplished. Rap beat recommended. :P

    Thanks for being here. :)

  6. it seems to be a busy busy day..rushing here and there..deadlines grrrrr..quick the boss is here hehehe..

    passing by sis..I made an award for you..kindly check my site *hugs*

  7. It is so hard... and Monday is worst, but giving all the effort is the right thing in work.

    Nice haiku, BB. You master the art!

  8. hi balqis, your poem reminds me of my sister. She travel the world a few times a year on official assignments, but at each travel, she can't afford to take even one extra day off for shopping or sightseeing...simply bacause she's too busy with her job..
    i also noticed the trend these days in KL- office workers always stay late due to too much workload.

  9. @Sie - It always is! But we're paid!
    Thanks for your comment and award. :)

  10. @Od - We always hear of blue Monday. I think now it isn't only on Monday but on other days, too! Yes, Od, we should be committed. Thanks for your compliments. I'm still a learner. :))

  11. @Wan - That's the trend, as you said. Two hands aren't enough to handle the work load! Thanks a lot, Wan. :)

  12. it's Friday now.. and this would be a long weekend since no Monday and Tuesday are announced here as National holiday..

    and oh.. I give my 100% on work... I just subdivide it to days..
    12% for Monday,
    23% for Tuesday,
    40% for Wednesday,
    20% for Thursday...
    Today is Friday, so I only give 5%


  13. Hi Aj! Wow! Looks like you're going to have an "extended weekend" with the two days' holidays. We're going to have holidays, too, in conjunction with Eid's celebration.

    Have a great time! :)