Aug 6, 2011

Acrostic Poem - Thank You

T - The sincerity in thanking
H - Has to come right from the heart
A - And let it shines on the face
N - Never hold back a minute
K - Knowing well the good it brings

Y - You will always be remembered
O - On your sincere two little words
U - Undoubtedly, brings a smile to another face

Thank you!

Terima kasih - Bahasa Malaysia
Salamat - Filipino
Grazzi - Maltese
Merci - French
Danke - German
Obrigado - Portuguese
Gracias - Spanish

Let me thank you all,
    Sunny Saturday
        Aug 6th '11

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  1. simply beautiful.............THANK YOU to you too!

  2. Thanks a lot, Aakriti, for your nice words. Your 'thank you' is so warm! I like it! :)

  3. Thank you too, Balqis.. Simply the best.:)

  4. Thank you my friend for sharing these wonderful warm thoughts. It doesn't take much to offer a simple thanks and we need to remember to use them more often to acknowledge what others do for us. Have a lovely day my friend!

  5. @Sagittarian - You're welcome! Thank you for your comment. :)

  6. @Ritchie - You're welcome! I agree with you. Thanks a lot for sharing. :)

  7. @Ning - Xie xie to you, too! :)

  8. and I was smiling sis..there oh dialect yehey..mwahhhhh mwahhh..

    for me there are too many words to say but the most important description of Thank You is saying it to someone who have touched my heart and YOU are one of them Balqis..

    first on my list..Thank you Lord for I have been blessed when you gave me "quiet angel" and my kids..I am so happy to have them..

    thank you for my life..a journey filled with all the "colors of life" :)

  9. Salamat po. You look more beautiful when you smile, Sie. Yeah, too many words to say thank you but it brings a smile to another person when saying it sincerely. Thanks a lot for mentioning me. I'm truly touched!

    I'm happy you get the colors of life and thus, I think makes your life more meaningful.

  10. *running wiggling*

    C-Coz your words put smile on their faces
    H-Helping them forget the worries they fear
    O-On each day they look after your beautiful lines
    C-Collecting your thoughts and wonderful insights
    O-Only this you should remember..

    B-Balqis, the baker bee
    O-Our lives you sting with joys of friendship
    Y-You dare not steal my chocos or I'll bite you with my two front teeth!!!

  11. @Beany- and what will you do if I'll be the one to steal your chocos hehehe..*blink* will also bite me grrrrrrrr..I'll have this choco oh..runnnning..come and get me hahaha :)

  12. @Balqis-sis just having a choco..and wait baker bee where's my birthday cake?.."searching"

    @Beany-oh I forgot..Tent You for these Chocos choco angel boy weeeeeee..come and get me wiggle wiggle :)

  13. *blank*
    *biting lips*
    uha uha uha uha uhaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    *running after ms sie, holding diapy*
    that's mine! that's mine!
    *sniff sniff*
    owkay, you can have it..but buy me ice cyeeeeeam!!! *wide grin* *wiggle wiggle*
    Balqis not yet here!..let's play!

  14. @Beany-holding your don't have any diapy on it fell off run I will catch you hahaha :)

    Beany..ok don't go uha uahuhaaa..Balqis will hear you..I'll buy you lots of ice cyeeeeeam..

    here she comes..hellow sis..ah ok fast Beany hide..wear your diapy hahaha :)

  15. @Beanie, the Wiggly-Choco-boy - See, how brilliant you are with your lovely piece of acrostic. You won't regret over-eating chocos! Love your poem! But Beanie, no matter how fierce you show your two front teeth, I'm not scared at all! I'll keep on stinging you with "joys of friendship" (copying you!)

    Thanks a lot for the fun we share here. Keep coming! :)

  16. @Sie - Hehehe don't you worry! The choco boy will be right after you when he can't bite me with his two front teeth! I don't know what will he be up to!

    Sis, I'm still baking the best birthday cake for you. :)

    Thanks a lot to you, too. Both of you make my day! :)

  17. @Beanie and Sie - Hehehe I'm watching both of you. So much fun! Beanie is so cute holding the diapy! Be careful, Beanie!

    Sie, I've heard the uha-uha and I'm right here behind both of you! Two cute kids! :) You can't hide anymore. :):)

  18. hahaha..ssssssshhh..Beany be quiet..sis Balqis will wake up and sting us..wear your diapy she will sting that oh *blink*..

    just passing by sis..gudnyt sis mwahhhhhh :)

  19. Hehehe...sis, thank you for checking on me. Beanie is hyper active. You can't stop him!

    Sleep tight and sweet dreams! Goodnite, sis. :)

  20. poem is the calm way to restore feelings. love ur poem :)