Aug 14, 2011

Sunday Haiku - The Search

 In the search for peace,
 In this path of thorns I trudge,
 It is pricking bad.

 Thinking of the possibility,
       August 14th '11
    Rainy Sunday night

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  1. in every given path..there will always be thorns along the what we always say life is not always a bed of roses..but having a positive frame of mind always help..our walk will be heavier and it will be much painful and pricking bad if we will entertain negative will only add up to our burden in life..

    Smile and always think we will pass through those thorns and one day we will look back and search is over..I have gained what I have wanted..hmmmmmmmm..maybe sis you can pass by my site and watch the may give you a smile and encourage you a bit ok *blink*

    have a happy morning :)

    Love You Sis..*hhhuuuggggssss*

  2. Thank you, Sie. That's really inspiring! :)

  3. hmmmm..why not sweep them off instead of stepping on them so others can't step on them too?..and share me your chocos?? *blink blink*
    here's a broom *reaching* .oh! you prefer a vacuum? no plug?..*thinking* is ning li here in the jungle too?? i heard she is the queen! *whispering* in her site ning li's mom..hehehe

    oh hi! ms. sie!! *wide grin*

  4. @Beany-hahaha..yes sis should see your daughter Dai Ning stirke a pose..she won :)

    oh hello Beany angel *mwah*

  5. Yeah, Beanie, I don't mind to sacrifice my time to clear the path so that it's safe for others. It'll take time though cos I'm already trudging through. But will be the other end without thorns! Mind you I need lots of chocos for instant energy, so no sharing this time! Sorry! :P

  6. @Balqis-it's ok sis..time won't matter much as long as you get there to where you want to be..

    *here add my chocos and gatorade energy drink too..*hugs* sis love lots ok *blink*

  7. hi balqis, thanks for your willingness in trying to save others by clearing those thorns....
    but some might prefer the thorns- for a more challenging/ thrilling way to reach peace.
    have a nice day.

  8. @Sie, thanks a lot! It's refreshing! :)

  9. @Wan - You're right! It's not easy to get what we want not unless we're willing to go through the challenges. Thank you! :)

  10. In search of PEACE! IN A JUNGLE? What happened to your house? Is that not peaceful at all? And, what about your heart? Is that too crowded, too? Are you all right?
    You are wandering OUTSIDE in quest of peace, so you are to suffer! But, the genuine peace is there INSIDE you. Just dive deep within yourself; I am sure you'll find PEACE playing in the courtyard of your own lovely HEART! :)