Jun 6, 2011

A Little Note

A sudden rush of sadness,
That steps into this heart,
It shouldn't be but it bores
deeper, though will be 
gone like a wind,
In a blink back to where
I belong.

Just a little note,
June 6th'11
Monday morning

Image :  picasaweb.google.com


  1. Just in a single blink you get back to what exactly you belong to - the sky of freedom where your heart flies in cloud nine!
    Wish you the moments of no sadness! :)

  2. Suresh, thank you so much for your sweet comments. :)

  3. All of us can't escape sadness.Each of us go through a moment when all you want is silence.When I am sad I always spent my day making every effort to be busy.I read books that will make my soul appreciate the things that I do have.

    Sadness and hurt are temporary.It will fade away as time pass by.The next day I'm sure we will all be smiling and happy again.It is life we all move into stages.Each new day gives us a chance to be happy but all of it depends if we will choose to cheer up :)

  4. Yes! In a way it is so good to let sadness hit our soul! It is the yardstick to measure happiness!

    And sometimes we must leave the places we belong to, so we can return and recognize them!

    The law of contrasts is a way to arrange our disbanded feelings! It was created with that meaning, if we can believe my ineffable imp! :)

  5. hi balqis,
    in a blink..? because it's on a monday morning.. the monday office blues will empower the mind.
    other blues will have to go far back to the sub-conscious

  6. Latent it is, yes and highly unexplainable! Nice to read such an amazing piece!

  7. @Od - It's always nice getting wise words from you! :)

  8. @CV - Thanks for your nice words. :)

  9. @Harish - Thanks a lot, bro. Nice to see you again. :)

  10. hi balqis..am back.
    i got a SUNSHINE AWARD for you. congrats, can you please collect it from my site this evening .
    have a nice day hi balqis..am back.
    i got a SUNSHINE AWARD for you. congrats, can you please collect it from my site this evening .

  11. finally your back Balqis..you got me worried and I was really everyday checking on your site wondering what happened..how are you?..*hugs hmmmmmmmmm* :)

  12. I would like to believe that these words are not coming from the human inside you,but the bird inside you.I felt this note was delivered to you by a migratory bird on a Monday morning.
    The birds pack their bags every year in the winter to go on a vacation with their mates to some place warmer and pleasant but this year they lost their way due to heavy radiation in the air.A few lucky ones survived and returned home.
    So this could be a note from the birds to us humans to stop destroying mother earth.
    Nice one BB enjoyed it.

  13. Hi studyhelp! You've awesome thoughts! Yes, there's a bird inside me who talks about destructions done by humans.

    Thank you for your awesome comments. :)

  14. @Sie - I was somewhere and didn't go online. Thank you my dear friend for your concern. I'm touched!