Jun 21, 2011

Penang, Here I Come!

After a 3-day-stay in Malacca, my next trip was to Penang, an island which was once known as "Pearl Of The Orient". This small island is to the north of Peninsular Malaysia. Apart from Malacca, Penang's George Town was also officially recognised as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007.
We visited some interesting places such as The Chocolate Boutique, Coffee Tree shop, the old mosque, recreational ground, shopping complexes, to name a few but unfortunately, I wasn't able to take many photos because my camera's battery was dead!

  The Chocolate Boutique - the name sounds yummy!
All sorts of chocolates are sold in this building
I couldn't resist buying a few types of chocolates from
The Chocolate Boutique.
The interior of Summit Hotel, Seberang Prai
(part of Penang on the mainland.)
To enable us to visit our nephew in Kulim, we stayed here.

Pulau Pinang (Penang island) bridge - the longest bridge
in Malaysia. It links the island to the mainland. Took this
photo on the flight back to KLIA.

We had planned to go to another island, Langkawi, but cancelled it due to some constraints. It would have been a great trip going there because Langkawi is a duty free island.


  1. weeeeee..I'm here Balqis I'm first yehey..yummy chocolates and one of my favorite sweets aside from choco mousse is tiramisu and my Papa went to Penang before :)

    *kindly go to my site mwahhhhh :)*

  2. Weeeee Sie! It's so nice to see you again. The doors of this blog are always open for you and for everyone! Thank you for being the first. :)

    You know how much I love chocolate! If we were able to make it to Langkawi, I'd have bought lots of it cos it's duty free! Tiramisu is so yummy and so are the other types. I just couldn't stop eating! :)

    I have visited your site and I'd like to say a very BIG THANK YOU for the mention and for your friendship. Stay connected! :)