Jun 30, 2011

I'm A Woman In Love

Listening to songs is a must-do for me everyday when driving to and back from work. It happened that this evening the local radio station I listened to played this beautiful number "Woman In Love" by Barbara Streisand. It's an oldie but listening to it was so refreshing after a slogging day. I was immersed in the beautiful lyrics. I was lost in my dreams of how great love is! I imagined the peak of happiness one gets  when madly in love. Everything is so beautiful and nothing else matters. Love can also defy all barriers. One is willing to sacrifice anything in the name of love. How strong the power of love is!

Let me define love :

Love at its peak is sweet as honey,
That it is seen everywhere,
Among the trees, the wind and the sky,
But when something goes wrong somewhere,
It makes a U-turn and becomes sour,
Even more sour than vinegar,
Till no love bird could withstand it,
Pretty soon it gets over fermented,
And all dreams turn to trash!

I might not be the woman in love but it doesn't stop me from loving this song and singing along. C'mon, let's karaoke!


  1. hi balqis
    a woman in love is blinder than a man in love i think.
    it is always the "she who likes to jump into the he's world instead of the way around..
    this is dangerous- going for a sweet life, never knew she would be bitter from the sweet...
    if he jumps into her world, then the love will be sweet... i think.

  2. Thanks a lot, Wan. As the saying goes "Love is blind" and which gender is more apt to be in total blindness is subjective. Thanks for sharing your view. Whoever jumps blindly will have a price to pay for. I like to say, "Love is a many splendoured thing." And many people do have an everlasting love. :)

  3. Nice definition of love.. i liked it

  4. Hi... am one of many woman in love!! Thanks Balqis for this wonderful one.. Love it!

  5. nicely defined ..liked it :)

  6. @Achuthan and @GeetS - Thank you so much. :)

  7. @Sagittarian - Congrats to you for being one of the women in love! Wishing you the best! :)

  8. I know Balqis you are waiting for my comment hehehe..been sick for a few days with flu huhuhu..I am a woman in love and I can say it is indeed true when I am in love I can do anything and give my everything that is who I am..but when my heart closes the door for love it can't be reopened again by the same person ..

    I guess that's the way of who I am..

    when I am in love I am really in to him and I can be as sweet as honey..but when I fall out of love it is really lost and it is bitter that no one would ever think I could..

    *hugs sis*

  9. Yes, Sie, you know I like reading your comments. I hope you;re getting well now. :)

    Sie, you're simply awesome telling me how it is when you're in love.

    Indeed, you're a woman in love! :)

  10. Never let anyone become your everything, when they gone- you've nothing...

    Saw that saying somewhere- In love things are blind and beautiful- but keep your mind open- you should able to fix your heart- :)

    You can't change mind but heart- with or without love-


  11. Omo, wise advice. Woot!

    I like that saying. Thanks a lot, Omo. :)

  12. Such a post parks in some block of heart in love!

    One thing quite ammmmmazingly coincidental!
    I have already prepared a draft on LOVE to post later, and now I have had the somewhat different taste of LOVE in your sight!

    Anyway, whether sweet or sour!
    Love stands as a defiant tower!

    And, you MIGHT NOT BE THE WOMAN IN LOVE in your opinion.
    But, I do feel you're one in love...with poetic creation.

    Did you finish singing, ONCE MORE, PLEASE! :)

  13. Thank you so much for your nice words. Anything can happen at the same time and it's a coincidence when we talk about the same thing. :)

    Yeah, I'm very much in love with poetry. :)

    I can't sing that song, Suresh, perhaps you can sing it for me. :)

  14. But what about the last line of your post that you can't stop loving the song and singing along with it.
    Please, please, do try in the name of our friendship, will you?

    Now , let me CONGRATULATE YOU on your being elected for the Sunshine Award. Please visit the latest post 'Another WOW' on http://www.in-your-footsteps.blogspot.com, will you? :)

  15. Oh ya! I can't stop loving the song..Hehehe...I'm laughing cos you asked me to sing. I can let out a just-ok voice!

    Thanks for the award, my second time receiving it. I've visited your blog. Nice of you to include me. :)

  16. As salam sis ..

    Its been a while huh..hehe

    i love this song too..never missed to sang this song when am karaoke-ing at home..hikhik!!

  17. Wassalam, sis. I miss you! It's so nice to see you again. Yes, it's been awhile.

    This song is so meaningful for those in love. I love it, too. It would be nice hearing you singing it. :)

    Thank you for dropping by. Stay connected! :)