Jun 2, 2011

Haiku - Captivating Moment

On a starry night,
Admiration fills the eyes,
The heart skips a beat.

Diamond-like beauty,
As though a night for lovers,
Romantic ambience.

Just a thought,
June 2nd 'll

Image : blingcheese.com


  1. weeeeeee..and what a lovely moment.I love looking at the stars at night.I wish I can walk on the beach with my special someone while gazing on a starry night someday.

    I wish upon those stars that no one will hurt again my kids and maybe one day I will have a happy and complete family :)

  2. It's a great moment star-gazing and especially when you're with that special someone. Ahemmmm!

    May your wish be granted! :)

    Thank you, Sie.

  3. Those beautiful instants when all the good things emerge from the soul as from an artesian well and makes life a so wonderful and exciting experience.

    Thank you, BB, for the sweet thoughts you provoke with your Haiku!

  4. Thank you so much, Od. I couldn't say it in a much better way. These are very simple thoughts of mine.

  5. i love star-gazing at the beach *looking at ms. sie*..
    she copied my thinking! hmp!
    and i walk on the shore with my..hey ms. sie! why are you copying my thoughts eh???hmp!
    i like how the dark skies talk to the dark sea..when the waves roar, i know they are telling something..--i know! they were just saying i'm cute and they want me to wiggle my butt *blink blink* ...right???

  6. Oh! What a coincidence that you both have the same thought! But it's ok, Beanie, the beach is big enough to accomodate all of us. When star-gazing, of course, it'd be so romantic with your loved one beside you. ;)

    I like your poetic thought about the sea and the waves. LOL..if they were complimenting your wiggling butt, I'd say that you're one lucky person! Keep wiggling!! :)