Jun 20, 2011

Traditional Houses

On the second day of our trip to Malacca, we were enjoying ourselves sightseeing in the beautifully decorated bicycle rickshaws. The owners brought us to most of the tourist spots. One is traditional houses in Kampung Morten (Morten Village). We were brought to a penghulu's (headman) house.  It is one of the best traditional houses that I have ever seen. The house displays the beautiful living room, dining room, bedroom, decorated dais for a wedding ceremony and some antiques that are as old as 200 years!

A Malay traditional house. The stairs are made of concrete.

The interior of the house.

The beautiful bed.

A 200-year-old gong (in the middle.)
The bedroom on the wedding day.

Some of the antiques displayed.

Another Malay traditional house.

Baba and Nyonya's house.

It has been a very enjoyable trip and I am looking forward to travelling there again.


  1. hi balqis, malacca is full of cultural heritage from the malays, babas and nyonyas. Also the portugese.
    Being there is like living in a peaceful hassle free environment and a great place for holidays. Glad you came to visit my neighbour.

  2. The place is so nice Balqis..it reminds me of my Grandpa's old house..I feel so much at home when I go there..like those houses it reminds us of how simple life was then..missing my grandpa..*hugs*

  3. @cv - Yes, that's why in 2007, it was officially recognised as UNESCO World Heritage site. It's less busy than KL - you're right, a hassle free environment. I felt safe!

  4. @Sie - The houses are beautiful with traditional craftmanship. Loved it! :)