Jun 16, 2011

Would you....

In times, I struggle and need help,
Would you let my heart feels
the warmth of your hands,
That offer assistance and generate
a satisfaction for my well-being?

Would you listen to the ticks of the clock
That as time goes by, I'm fine and my soul
isn't deprived of the needs to stay alive,
Would you spare a minute to let good words
flood my mind, nurturing it and chasing bad ones out?

Would you care to see that I'm not drown
in the bitterness which is toxic and will
kill me slowly, a silent killer that I'm unwary of,
Won't it be painful for you to see me grasping
for dear life when the time comes for me to leave?

Why can't you see, understand and feel
What I am feeling and if the bitterness
is sweetness for you, how unfair is
the antonym that ruins one and spares another.

Letting the pen speaks,
June 16th '11

Image : superstock


  1. I nominate you for the Sunshine Award. (Linked to Ana of Hella Heaven)

  2. I would spare my last choco and chase the bad ones who plan to snatch them..for i know its bitter-sweetness would make you understand that there is no time for me to leave it.

    *blink blink*

  3. @Mark - Thank you for nominating me. :)

  4. @Ning - Thank you so much! I know you won't let me down. :)

  5. @Sanchita - Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your nice comment. :)

  6. @Beanie - I know you'll always be there to help me. *Blink*Blink*

  7. Do not succumbed to sadness. We, your blogger friends are here for you. :)

  8. Hi Balqis, Yes I WOULD! Also I would like to thank you for supporting my entry @blogengage.com . Check out my latest post, I have mentioned you there. Thanks.

  9. @Princess - Thank you so much for your kindness. :)

  10. @Kira - Congrats to you! I remember you told me about the contest. You deserve the prize! Any time, my friend, if you need my support, just tell me. I'm just doing a small favor but I hope it can make a difference. Thank you for mentioning me. :)

  11. I will always be here for you Balqis..*hugs hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..mwah mwah mwah..*

  12. Hi balqis , this the frist long poem of yours taht i have ever seen..great.. I am offering you award(s) which I give you the liberty to choose which ones you like.. This is an exceptional case from other awards. Do visit my blog and give me your answers in my comment box. Thank you and have a nice day

  13. Hi Wan! Thanks a lot for your comment and for the awards! It means a lot to me. :)
    Wishing you a nice day, too! :)

  14. hi balqis. many thanks for your visit. i confirm now for you award numbers 5, 6, 7, and 11.. please collect ok and let me have one more comment on this , would appreciate it, so that the new bloggers can follow an example from you. CONGRATS for the 4 aawards..have a nice day

  15. Thank you so much, Wan. I have collected the awards and will do some write-up. :)

  16. @Sie - Thanks a million times! You're a very nice person. :)