Jun 28, 2011

Poem - An Attempt

Whisking the gloominess away,
Putting afar from a heart swollen,
Bearing the pain till it subsides,
But a moon distant.......slowly,
Grasping rays that lead to hope,
A life's quantum leap.

What comes to mind,
 June 28th '11
Tuesday evening

Image :  wisdomlaughterhealing.com


  1. We can't escape the tides that comes our way,it will always be a part of what we call life..But if we are determined to endure and go on our life's journey amidst the difficulties along the way..There will always be a ray of hope behind each leap of faith..

    *HUGS HUGS* :)

  2. Dear Sie, I always like all your nice comments. It's just like words of wisdom. Thank you so much. :)

  3. even if circumstances push us against the tide.
    thank you for that Balqis!

  4. Yeah, that's right, Ana. We got to be strong. Thank you for your nice comment. :)

  5. sedih I tak bisa meninggalkan masa lalu rasa nak pergi jauh supaya kesedihan hilang, tahniah blogger jaya

  6. Terima kasih, Seocetek. Kalau masa lalu itu diuliti keindahan dan kebahagiaan tetapi tragis nya ia berakhir dengan kesedihan, maka ia nya tak bisa ditinggalkan.

    Terima kasih juga di atas ucapan tahniah mu. :)

  7. Nice one BB.Though on a lighter note don't you feel that the moon has to work really hard with all those night shifts,no matter it doesn't have any light of it's own...its so tired.On the other hand look at sun so fresh every day,lucky fellow only gets regular day shifts.The only 15 mins coffee break moon gets is on the day of lunar eclipse.Poor thing has got wrinkle on it's face.

  8. Thank you so much, studyhelp. I like your comments. :)