Jun 13, 2011


There are questions to be answered,
But there are answers that remain idle,
The mind goes nowhere but around
and around and the questions remain

Wondering why,
June 13th '11

Image :  u-woman.deviantart.com


  1. True Balqis..many times I have experienced asking so many questions..why me, when will my prayers be answered,where would our life lead us,what went wrong..many questions that goes around our minds everyday..and I became so tired of worrying and waiting for the answers to come.

    Sometimes we just have to let go of those thoughts and move with the flow of life.Take each day one at a time.We may not have the answers yet to our every question because maybe it is not yet His perfect time.We need not struggle in finding the right answers to our questions.Sometimes it will just be answered when we least expected it :)

    I missed you really *hugs hmmmmmmmmm*

  2. Thanks, Sie. I like everything you said. :)

  3. I can certainly identify with this post.:)

  4. And the questions never asked... They remain somewhere in between? :)

  5. Questions are just coming and going.
    Mind is going round and round.
    Answerless questions, unanswered, are really confusing.
    if you have, ask me the Q, I will try to add some sense and sound.

  6. @Omo - When tongue-tied, the questions will remain inside! Thus, no answers! :)

  7. @Suresh - Thank you for willing to add senses and sounds. Then, everything will be answered. :)