Jun 4, 2011

You Will Forever Be In My Heart

This is one of my favourite songs by Kris Dayanti, an Indonesian diva, entitled "Kamu Di Hatiku Selamanya". Literally translated, "You Will Forever Be In My Heart".

Here are the lyrics.

 Kamu Di Hatiku Selamanya

Lama sudah ku bersama menemani dirimu
Berbagi cinta dan berbagi rasa
Semakin kita melangkah semakin kita dalam
Semakin terlihat jauh berbeda
Tapi ku tak sangka secepat ini
Harus berakhir kisah cinta kita
Ku akan selalu mencintaimu
Walau kita tak mungkin bersama
Meski berat melepasmu
Tapi kamu akan selalu di hatiku selamanya
Betapa hancur hatiku meninggalkan dirimu
Tapi itu bukanlah kehendakku
Kita memang t’lah berbeda
Tak pernah satu kata
Tak baik juga untuk diteruskan
Tapi ku tak sangka secepat ini
Harus berakhir kisah cinta kita
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This is my translation to English. It isn't an exact translation for every line but more to my understanding of the original lyrics.

You Will Forever Be In My Heart

It's been a long time I have been with you
Sharing together the love and feelings
As we go on, we see the differences between us
But I don't expect our love ends too soon

I will always love you
Though it isn't possible to be together
My heart's heavy letting you go
But you will forever be in my heart

I am broken-hearted letting you go
Which isn't what I wish for
It isn't how it used to be
When we are not in good terms anymore
To carry on won't do any good
But I don't expect our love ends too soon


  1. Nice and sad song, BB!

    Love is such a 'splendorous thing' that it is thought never ends.

    But sometimes, we human have the power to overshadow such divine gift!

    Thank you for your adding this beautiful singer!

  2. Thank you so much, Od. :)

    Yes, many times we hear that popular line, "Love is a many splendoured things" and what we think of is an eternal love which isn't true in some cases. Life would be very beautiful indeed if everything's smooth-sailing. But it isn't so!

    You're welcome. Kris Dayanti is a stunning beauty with a beautiful voice. I love her songs. :)

  3. a beautiful sad song of loving while letting go..

    grown-ups are really complicated *munching chocos*

  4. Yes, Beanie, it's beautiful but telling us the bitterness of love when things don't work out. Letting go is the only solution. Yeah, you're right in every sense, we humans are indeed complicated!

    Man, I guess you're a guy with a heart full of love! You see, every time you're here, you munch chocos. Chocos is connected to love. The bee's sense is too strong!!! Tell me, tell me! Tell me who?? :):):)

  5. hi balqis, this is a sad song..
    Why is it that "happiness" have to "linger" only in memories/..
    and not in reality...
    one of my 7 wonders of love affairs.. affairs of the heart, the mind, the eyes ,the soul,the dreams, the visions and the missions..:)

  6. @cookingvarieties - I can't answer you why happiness linger in memories....

    Thank you, Wan, for sharing your 7 wonders of love. It's nice to know that. :)

  7. @Stephaine - Yes, it is. Thank you for your visit. :)

  8. You have to let go if the relationship is not worth keeping.

    It is better to feel pain to save the remaining part of your broken heart and give it a chance to find the right one and be happy in the end :)

  9. Hi Sie! Thanks a lot for your nice words. :)

  10. The song ills my heart, Mommy! :(

  11. The lyrics made us feel so.
    Thanks, Ning. :)

  12. So sad, but true
    Love to read your post, Balqis.. I think I will give a little of my time everyday to do it :)

    @Sie: thanks for your nice words.. A little cure for my broken heart :(

  13. Hi Lizzy! Welcome to my blog and thank you for following. Thank you for your time reading my post. Yes, you can do it! :)

    Sie is a good friend who shares lots of things. She's among the frequent commentators here. I always like her point of view. :)