Jul 29, 2011


Friends are sacred to me. I like having many friends and enjoy the good company. But having friends goes along with a price. The joy of having friends is indescribable but have to face a great pain when seeing them go. That's part of having friends; to meet and to depart. I always wish friends are for keeps though the reality is some friends come and go like passing clouds.

I miss some friends whom I crossed paths once and whom I don't see anymore. To all my dear friends, this is my hope for a true meaning of friendship.

If I'm the bread, my friend is the butter,
when spread on the bread, we can click together.

When I cry, my friend understands why,
She will be by my side to let it go by.

On every gloomy day, my friend is the sunshine,
That shoos the gloominess from this soul of mine.

Many a time , I stumble and fall,
But I'm glad, my friend gives a hand for me to hold.

The misfortunes of life tears the happiness from me,
My friend puts back the torn pieces like what it used to be.

Come what may; rain, shine or harsh weather,
My friend will always be there to give me shelter.

To my dear friends, wherever you are,
You all are my priceless jewel forever.

With a fond thought,
Friday wee hours

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  1. Good friends will always be there for us, come rain or shine. Wonderful poem!

  2. yes. friends are treasures. A friend is a precious source of happiness. It's not always measured by distance, but rather the happiness you have inside you when you remember your moments together and that smile on your eyes when you see them again.

    if i am the chocolate, my friend will watch me eating myself! hehehe

  3. @Ritchie - Thanks a lot for your nice comments. :)

  4. Hi, Balqis. So thoughtful and touching.. It's been a long time since I was inspired to write a poem about friendship.

    This is just awesome.

  5. @Beanie - You're right! It's exactly what it is all about. Thanks, Beanie. :)

    But...you're selfish...you let others drool watching you eating up yourself!! Hehehe...nothing for them! Why don't you throw a piece of it to the bee so that it won't sting you??

  6. @Issa - Thank you so much for your nice comments. I'm inspired to write it when thinking of friends who play a great part in making me enjoy this otherwise lifeless life.

    I mustn't forget to welcome you to my blog. Keep coming! :)

  7. hi balqis, this is really a fantastic piece of poem for a friend.. how lucky your friends are to have you around.
    You must be the kind of friend, where they will always say "WISH YOU WERE HERE" whenever they have good things or dificult moments to share.
    To me, you are a friend too...so far yet so near. have a wonderful day balqis, God Bless you.

  8. hello Balqis..I miss you..I have been sick again huhuhu..

    true..I always value friendships..and when I say that you are my friend it means a lot to me..I am an only child Balqis and usually I treat my friends as my own sisters..Yes..sisters because I don't have male friends hehehe..I stick to female friends only :)..*blink blink*

    Missing you sis..thank you for being my friend :) mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *hugs*

  9. @Wan - You're also a friend so, it's dedicated to you, too. The words come right from my heart. Thanks a lot, Wan, for all your support. Wishing you wonderful days, too! :)

  10. @Sie - Dear sis, I'm sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope you're recuperating.

    I value friendship, too, and how much it means to me. I'm always happy meeting new friends but will be in deep sadness when they are gone. I mean, after certain time, don't hear from them and lose contact. This is part of life.

    I miss you, too. My thanks to you for being a good friend though virtually. Stay connected! :)

  11. lovely!!!!!!!! friendship day is approaching dear.......happy friendship day to you in advance! :) :P

  12. This is great! We can make friends anywhere but true and real friends are only few and limited. Seeing them go is really pain..

    Thanks Balqis, this is wonderful.:)

  13. Hi Sagittarian! Yeah, what you said is right. Friends in joy are many but friends in tears can be only a handful. It's, of course, painful seeing good friends leave. Thanks a lot. :)

  14. wow. im in awe now. great one.

    the picture draws my attention because i have that kind of pic in one of my entry.

    here if u feel like wanting to take a look


  15. Thank you, Inspector. Will check it out. :)

  16. It's so sweet, Balqis... Friends are the best thing in my life, too, especially my best friends.

    There are no ships like friendship. You can leave your man, but you can't leave your friends. :)

  17. That's so sweet, Lizzy. Friendship is so precious. It's for keeps. Thank you so much for your comments. :)

  18. Amazed by your words of expression... You penned down those feelings in my heart so precisely that i felt it complete!! I am gonna share this blog to my friend!! Thanks!!!

  19. Thank you so much, Yamini. It's nice to know you feel it. Thanks, again! :)

  20. Salaam Alykkum,

    Glad to catch up a fellow blogger from Malaysia.. Though I have heard a lot about the country, I have never had a chance to 'know' the country well.

    Friends are the diamonds on our crown... Behavior of our friends portrays the behavior of ourselves as well.

    As A Muslima, I believe I must chose friends who 'shine' with virtues and good deeds... Who reminds me of Almighty God, who motivates me to do everything good for everyone around...right?

    1. Wassalam.

      Thank you so much for your nice comments. You're right in choosing friends with virtues and good deeds and for thinking of the Almighty in everything you do. :)

  21. Thank you Balqis for this wonderful pic and thoughts.. its awesome...

  22. Salam Balqis,

    Friendship can become so meaningful, true friends inspire you to keep going and loosing an inspiring friend can be truly painful.

    So beautifully written!

    1. Wassalam Zunnur,

      You're right. Some friends could make differences in our lives. I appreciate your comments.

      Thank you. :)