Sep 10, 2011

Saturday Haiku

When It Strikes

Late at night, alone
Inspirations poke at me
Ideas shuffling

Sudden thought,
Sept 10th'11


  1. Oh- that's the trick to having the ideas flourish! ;)

  2. Imagine, the ideas shuffle! The fast movements which could make it difficult to keep up!
    I'm thinking of a song lyric "Everyday I'm shuffling". Thanks, Omo. :)

  3. How charming, BB!! I envy you!!

    Late at night the only thing that pokes at me is sleep!! :)

    Nice looking blog!!

  4. Thanks a zillion! I love looking at your greenish face! Cute! Hehehe...kidding!

    Hey, I'm an owl - most times!

    Thanks a lot for your compliment. It makes me feel good! :))

  5. when I am alone at night and it is quiet..I am always inspired to write sis :)

    *on what I have said on your older post Balqis..I also don't know why your link was not updated on my dashboard..Asma one of my friends also in blogging..her entire site was not updated for a week..maybe there was a broken link..but I'm glad your site is ok now :) .. I'm glad you saw my message :)

  6. Hi Sie! That's what happens to me, too. When it's quiet, I can focus on my writing.

    Thank for telling me the problem. Something went wrong which I didn't know the source. Everything was as usual. Anyway, I republished my Saturday Haiku and only then, the problem was resolved. I was afraid that I might lost my blog! Thanks God, it's back as usual. :)

  7. This is so sweet .I am new to your blog .Follow each other .

  8. Hi Izdiher! Welcome to my blog and thanks for following. Will surely do the same for you. Thank you for your kind words. :)