Sep 19, 2011

Just A Thought

When a lion roars powerlessly, its fangs are no longer a threat. Even a mouse dares to pull its tail!

Image : animal wallpapers


  1. how thoughtful :)

    P.S. the post is not by me..its by maria almas :P but i got the credit lolz...

    P.s. yes sure i am thinking about a story where i will fit your haiku now that you have given your permission :)

  2. Salam, Muhammad. Thanks for your kind words. :)
    I know the post is by Maria but knowing there are three of you there, I just put the P.S. in her post to answer your question in your previous post. I think it's more appropriate there cos there are already a hundred over comments in your latest post!! Took a long time to scroll down to see my comments!

    You'll be giving me the honour by choosing one of my Haikus for your story! Thanks in advance! :)

  3. no...i knew you put a P.S. i just shared a secret with you that post is by someone else and people are giving me the credit :P
    hm...yes when you are late than its like punishment that you have to scroll down to see your comments...hehehehe

  4. hi balqis- Just a Thought...
    he must be lion king..
    everything is served, he does'nt have to hunt for fooooood ha ha ha
    the mice dare , only when lion king falls asleep in a drunk state ha ha ha
    have a nice day :)

  5. @Muhammad - You get the credit! Saw it. How nice! :)

    LOL...didn't know it's a punishment. Will try to be an early bird! :)

  6. @CV - Wan, it's just my thought on how would it be when the lion is powerless. Thanks for your comments. :)

  7. Great thought!!! I want to be the mouse to pull the tail of the powerless lion, because that's the only time for the mouse to show that he/she can be powerful to a lion! Lols..

    Have a wonderful day!.:)

  8. make me laugh on early Tuesday morning Balqis. I just cannot imagine how is it the powerless lion still has a desire to roar??? And as for me, even a lion is toothless, I still won't dare to get near it. Even angry cat scared me. What a brave mouse!!! Hahahaha.

    Thanks for the post. You make my day!!!

  9. @Sagittarian - Thanks a lot for your kind words. You know, when the lion is powerless, the mouse can become king! :)

  10. @Christine - Happy to know you laugh early in the morning. Of course, the lion will still roar but powerless. I know the fear of facing even a toothless lion. It can still bite!

    Thank you for your comments. :)

  11. Lions are lions!
    They never roar powerlessly!!
    But, your lion seems to be having a big yawn, not making a roar because roars are roars!!!

  12. It's just a figure of speech, Suresh. The reality is lions roar. Thank you so much for your comments. :)