Sep 28, 2011

What's Up?

Upon My Word!

We all seem to be hung up. We put up with use up, come up, butter up, line up, punch up and belly up.

Houses are opened up, lighted up, warmed up, cleaned up and closed up. Motors are fired up, gassed up and charged up.Boats are speeded up, slowed up, tied up and laid up.

If we are mixed up, we must hurry up and shape up, or we'll be fouled up.

And, heaven help us, we drink up with 7-UP.

If you think up other examples, don't call me up. I'm up the wall with up.

I give up.

                                                                                   ~Thelma Wilson Cook

* Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening! wherever you are and to everyone across the globe.

I'd like to share this which I quoted from an old Reader's Digest. I found it's interesting. Enjoy!


  1. Hi! This is awesome!.:) Really interesting!.:)But there are more coming up soon..:) Don't give up!

    Keep coming friend!:)Have a nice day!

  2. Good Afternoon and Good evening :)
    thanks for sharing :) i didnt know you were a fan of Readers Digest :P

  3. Mommy, don't you know that everyday you level up! Hahaha

  4. @Muhammad - Good evening! I'm a fan of RD :p
    Thanks, Muhammad! :)

  5. Funny! The other day I wrote some haiku of which has words like "upside up", "captivate" ...

    And you have posts about them, too! Like minded times- :))

  6. Omo, sometimes minds click! Good to hear from you. :))

  7. Up Up and Away!!!!

    Uploaded with choco goodness..double up with choco ice cyeam up up with choco wafer up with choco syrup..all the way up..tummy up..yuppppppy!!!

    1. comes a boy from up town! I'm surprised when you talk, there's always an UP! And you end it with UPPPPPPY!!

      Hey, Beanie, nice hearing you speak up!! :)

  8. level up level life and love on it's way..up up and away..I wiggle and sway..through my life's journey I always say..move forward always on it's way up..because my future and the fulfillment of my dreams are on it's way :)

    1. It's good to know everything's UP, Sie. Thank you for your nice comments. :)